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RevolutionSF Newsblast: Bill and Ted, Short Circuit, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
April 05, 2008

RevolutionSF Newsblast is brought to you by El DeBarge.

Batman Cartoon Stirs Us Into Tizzy

The new Batman cartoon on Cartoon Network, will have whatsisname team up with different DC heroes in every episode. Brave and the Bold is named after my favorite DC comic book and it's made by the same DC dorks who did Legion of Superheroes.

The issue with RevSF folk is the 1960s look of Batman and Green Arrow. Must we be so hardcore? Can we just relax? Stay tuned!

With Excitement Like This, Who Is Needing Enemies?

So the people who have these ideas are making a new Short Circuit, the 1986 movie about a robot who smiled in that special way (Johnny, she said.)

But wait! Is it not true that Short Circuit 2 answered all the lingering questions?

This remake better also have an offensive Middle-Eastern stereotype.

The good news is they got the original movie's writers! Everyone remembers the multi-faceted genius of Brent Maddock and S.S. Wilson.

Watchmen, Speed Racer Keanu-Free

Keanu Reeves says the Watchmen movie and Speed Racer movies are Keanu-free. Reeves says he went to the set of Watchmen and said "It's going to be so killer, man!"

Excellent! He really talks like we think he really talks.

Watch Out For The Horse Crap, Dude

Keanu said he and Alex Winter might do a Bill and Ted sequel when they're 50. There were three Matrices. This will balance the scales.

George Lucas Speaks From On High About Star Wars Cartoon

Lucas said at a Cartoon Network event, the Star Wars all-CGI cartoon is "Star Wars starring an 11-year-old." Comics editor Jay Willson says the series "looks pretty goofy . . . Lucas is just too in love with computer-rendered imagery. Stop the madness, George!"

Indiana Jones 4 Writer Gives George Lucas Stern Talking-To

Frank Darabont says he will get no onscreen credit for Indiana Jones 4. About working again with George Lucas, he said, "Honestly our storytelling sensibilities have diverged to the point where that would be a pointless exercise."

How you like that, Lucas?

Put RevolutionSF news editor Joe Crowe in the iron maiden.

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