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Sci-Fi TV Not Not on DVD : Birds of Prey, Witchblade, Freakazoid
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April 04, 2008

I am agape! Four series long awaited by the nerd hordes are set for DVD: the live-action comic book adaptations Witchblade and Birds of Prey and cartoon comedy series Freakazoid and Tiny Toon Adventures.

The release date for all four is July 29. We must choose between Birds of Prey and food.

What is the problem with getting nerd-centric series out on DVD? Do they want our money or not? The convention tape tables with their terrible bootleg copies of all four of these shows sat there for years, tempting us.

But did we give in? No, certainly not, officers.

Tiny Toon Adventures

Buster: Cliche Number 1: Shrink our heroes.

Babs: That's so crazy it just might work!

Buster: That's Cliche Number 2.

How long we had to wait: 15 years, since three seasons with a different message in the credits on every one aired stopped airing in 1993. There were no DVDs back then. Since DVDs began, still no Tiny Toons.

Why it's good: The first Bugs Bunny related thing to be funny in our lifetimes. Also the last. You hear me, Looney Tunes Back in Action?

The show was culturally right on top of things, crammed with references current and arcane. More than anything else, the creators obviously loved old Bugs Bunny cartoons. It had music videos for They Might Be Giants. Best of all, though, it had anvils, and lots of them.


"I'm not going down there. It smells like poo gas." -- Cosgrove

How long we had to wait: 12 years. Twelve years, since two seasons in 1995.

Why it's good: Absolutely silly. It was about a superhero who, well, I have no idea what. And neither did the show. Stuck in my head now is a homeless man singing "I hate you all. Gimme money."


"Do you ever not lurk?" -- Sara

How long we've waited: Since two seasons started in 2001.

Why it's good: It wasn't very. The adaptation of the Top Cow comic gave the female hero 90 percent more clothes than the comic, for one thing.

It was taken away abruptly. The announcement that it was canceled is infamous for me, because the network official said it was doing too well.

Birds of Prey

"We thought we could do no wrong. We ruled Gotham's nights and answered to no one but ourselves." -- Barbara

How long we've waited Six years, since one quickly-canceled season in 2002.

Why it's good: Live action DC superhero women! How could it possibly lose? By talking about classic superheroes instead of showing them. Flashbacks were so very awesome, but the whole show was not a flashback.

The theme song almost said RevolutionSF's whole name.

RevolutionSF senior editor Joe Crowe's mother is a leather wearing supervillain.

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