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Sci-Fi TV Not Cancelled Yet 2008 : Knight Rider, Crusoe, Merlin, My Own Worst Enemy
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April 03, 2008

NBC is the part of the TV that I watch 30 Rock on, so I must show the love. Now they gave me another reason: New sci-fi-ish shows. The TV schedule for 2008 is all about it. More than usual anyway, since before last season, the most recent NBC sci-fi was ALF.

Heroes, Chuck, and Medium are renewed. Journeyman and Bionic Woman, not so much.

Fear Itself is set for May 2008. It's about Franklin Delano Roosevelt telling scary stories.

The Heroes spinoff Heroes Origins was pre-canceled. That is hardcore. How you like that, TV shows? NBC will cancel you before you even exist.

Crusoe: (fall 2008) Like Lost, but with just one guy!

Maybe this is at long last a reimagining of the Dick Van Dyke classic Robin Crusoe.

Knight Rider: (fall 2008) I asked myself from 1982 what he thought about this show coming back and he said, Awesome! Hopefully this will have more Hasselhoffian goodness than the 2-hour movie. Does any other show have a talking car? Then I will just have to watch this one.

The Listener> (summer 2009) He's a paramedic! He can read your mind! You don't have to tell him where it hurts!

The star was in Wolf Lake, a quickly cancelled show about werewolves and a lake.

Merlin (winter 2009) This better be a remake of Mr. Merlin. (thanks to Mntlward on the RevSF boards).

More likely, though, since this is what NBC said it was about, it will be Hot Teen Merlin with hot young Arthur and hot young Merlin romping about Camelot.

The only good news is another actor who is set to appear: Giles from Buffy has a job!

My Own Worst Enemy (fall 2008): He plays a paramedic who can read your thoughts. Wait. Somebody already did that. He plays a normal suburban guy who has a secret agent killing machine personality.

The domination of TV by the cast of Young Guns continues!

Sure, Kiefer Sutherland started six years ago, and Christian Slater is just now getting here. You can't rush the Young Guns, people!

RevolutionSF senior editor Joe Crowe now waits on that Misfits of Science revival.

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