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Win Adam Baldwin and Morena Baccarin (On DVD): Now With Winners
© Joe Crowe
March 08, 2008

We have winners! Jennifer Stairs, Jenna Mead, Alastair Chew, Ned White, Angelle Gullett, Ratcliffe Sacha, Jeff Ward, and Wesley Kerr.

Thanks to everyone for playing.

Since the Serenity movie, fans have hoped for another movie, eagerly anticipating a reunion of the cast of Firefly.

That time has not come yet.

Instead, two-ninths of the Serenity crew reunite in Sands of Oblivion. You can win it from RevolutionSF.

Adam Baldwin and Morena Baccarin are archaeologists in search of a Hollywood legend. What they find is not very nice.

Jayne and Inara -- I mean, the actors who played them -- uncover a city buried in the desert by Cecil B. DeMille after he filmed The Ten Commandments.

Hijinks of the monstrous variety ensue.

Ten winners will get the DVD of Sands of Oblivion, guaranteed to be full up with Adam Baldwin-ized quality.

Here's how you win: Send your name and mailing address to revolutionsfjoe@gmail.com.

That's all you have to do.

But wait! Also in the movie: Victor Webster from Charmed and Mutant X, John Aniston, Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives, and George Kennedy from The Naked Gun.

The movie premiered on the Sci Fi Channel July 28, 2007. The DVD includes footage not aired then, as well as interviews with cast and crew.

Adam Baldwin is awesome on Chuck and Morena Baccarin is on Stargate SG-1. But they're not on those together. Like they are here.

Which you can win from us. For free.

The Sands of Oblivion DVD is $19.97, but you can get it for zero. Nothin'. A 100 percent discount. Adam Baldwin insists.

Thanks to Big Honcho Media and Anchor Bay Entertainment.

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