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Sci Fi Love : Married Couples
© Deanna Toxopeus
March 03, 2008

Sci-fi romance keeps many a shipper tuning in week after week, but many sci-fi marriages show healthy, positive relationships, with love and passion. Until one of them dies, turns evil, or dies, then turns evil.

5. Reed Richards and Sue Storm, Fantastic Four

This is the old married standard of the comic world. If you ask any geek to name a married couple from comics, they will name these two. Marvel made them the soap opera couple for the ages, with time travel, opposing each other in the Civil War, mutant children, and Reed being the most boring man on the planet. But they remain married. In comic books, that's saying a lot.

4. Evelyn and Rick, The Mummy/ The Mummy Returns

Evelyn and Rick's romance in The Mummy is a modern classic, but in The Mummy Returns the relationship blooms. We see a couple who are deeply in love with each other, who would fight for each other, even die for each other. Apparently they already did.

3. John and Maureen Robinson (Lost in Space)

The most famous sci-fi married couple, Maureen followed John across the universe to help him colonize the stars. She cooks, darns socks, makes clothes, serves up dinners, lunches, breakfast, coffee, washes clothes, bakes cakes, and doesn't kill Dr. Smith.

John keeps the family lost by refusing to stop and ask for directions.

In 1997, Hollywood tried to sex them up with the insertion of Mimi Rogers and William Hurt in the roles. But this marriage is built on the foundation of good old 1960s double-bed separated by End Table Values.

2. Allison and Joe Dubois, Medium

This is the most realistic marriage in the history of sci-fi. Joe pushed Allison to scientifically test her dreams against actual cases. He supported her as she became a psychic for the DA's office. And he still has not smothered her for all of the times she woke him up in the middle of the night. Allison, in return, is the mother of his children and the washer of his socks. Yet they disagree with each other, fight and make up like real people. They are absolutely besotted with each other even after three kids. The frank depiction of their sexual attraction to each other despite their long marriage is wonderful for those who fast approach the seven year itch.

1. Zoe and Hoban Washburn, Firefly/ Serenity

Wash is the ultimate boy-geek who still plays with dinosaurs. Zoe is the warrior who can snap your neck with her pinkie. It works because Wash knows he isn't a macho man, so he doesn't try to compete with Zoe. Or maybe it's because Zoe needs a man who can make her laugh.

Deanna Toxopeus writes Ubalblog and knows a lot about bonds. Of matrimony.

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