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RevolutionSF Newsblast : Michael Moorcock, Batman, Lost, Lego Indiana Jones
Revolution News
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March 02, 2008

RevolutionSF Newsblast: For when you absolutely, positively, need to buy something on the Internet right now.

Michael Moorcock Named Grand Master of Multiverse

Michael Moorcock is the 2008 Grand Master, the highest award given by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Moorcock is writer of Elric, Jerry Cornelius, and much other excellence, including Epic Pooh, available here on RevolutionSF.

Conveniently, a new collection of his Elric stories is out now, Elric: Stealer of Souls. Buy it now. I'll wait.

RevolutionSF Writer Writes in Bat-Book

Batman Unauthorized is a book with essays about Batman. Hence the title. RevSF contributing writer and former comics editor Alan J. Porter has a feature in it.

You should also go get it now. I will wait again.

Lost Smoke Monster Speaks

"Would you shut up for a minute?"

The Lost Smoke Monster interviewed, with unbleeped naughty words. So don't watch it while you're in church. (thanks to Chris Roberson's Interminable Ramble.)

Ellen Page, Sam Raimi: Never Mind

Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell won't have Ellen Page from Juno in it after all. The turnaround on that was like a week. It was a scheduling thing, Raimi's people told Entertainment Weekly. Dwight from The Office was in Juno. He can play her part.

Indiana Jones, Lego: Two, Two, Two Childhood Payout Triggers In One

An Indiana Jones Lego video game is in the works, similar to the Star Wars Lego games, but with Indy.

The gameplay video shows Lego Indy cracking the whip. It's like that Indiana Jones Temple of Doom arcade game combined with Pitfall. OK, OK! I'll buy it! Stop the geek porn! Wait. Don't stop it yet! OK. Now.

RevolutionSF news editor Joe Crowe ain't no Etch-a-Sketch.

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