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G.I. Joe Movie Will Not Contain Shipwreck
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© Joe Crowe
March 01, 2008

In this interview, a laid-back Dennis Quaid names some guys who aren't in the movie. And why not? Because he says they may be in the sequel, because he's planning for the future with this G.I. Joe movie thing. That makes me happy.

My love for the G.I. Joe is for a very good and proper reason. My name is in the theme song. Is your name in a theme song? You would like whatever that is.

Common, the dude who says he's Green Lantern in the Justice League movie which they may never do, may be Roadblock. Whoo whoo! Roadblock. But he said he hasn't officially done the deal yet.

Executive producer Brian Goldner told MTV that Larry Hama, longtime G.I. Joe comic book writer, is working on the script and will be in a cameo. Well, that polishes my bazooka.

As for who really is in it, the kid from Third Rock From the Sun is Cobra Commander. OK. Yeah. That's fine. And the first new Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston is Destro. Also a Wayans is in it.

Clearly they are going all out.

Quaid says he's been scanned for an action figure, and he says it's "anatomically correct." I don't know how to take that. I'm going to assume he knows what it means. I owe him that much. You know, Innerspace.

The main guy Quaid says isn't in it is Shipwreck, the sailor who had a parrot. No Shipwreck?

How in the living hell can you fight for freedom wherever there's trouble with no Shipwreck?

Joe Crowe remembers when Storm Shadow was a bad guy.

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