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What Is Best in Life 2007 : KaosDevice
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January 24, 2008

Bowling Shirts

The amazing folks over at bowlingshirt.com not only changed my otherwise fabulous couture, but did it with fantastic services and great prices. I am now a bowling shirt devotee. I have or at least am trying to sway other RevSFers to the bowlingside.

NobleKnight Games

These are THE guys to order your gaming stuff from online. I think they start packing your stuff up to ship to you as you are on line ordering it. They are that good.

The Zombie Diaries

This was the Blair Witch of zombie movies. I know the hand held trope is getting old, but these guys did it in a smart and interwoven (3 stories) style. Every zombie fan needs to see this movie. It is disturbing, quiet and contained.


The first three graphic novels of this comic are must-haves for anyone that wants to see someone small fight the power from the ground. It is artistically smart and the story telling is top notch. Get these as soon as you are humanly able.

John Dies At The End

I can't begin to tell you how hilarious and wonderfully done this book is. It is clever and odd and gruesome and just about everything I want in a good evening read. Speaking of which . . .

Crooked Little Vein

Warren Ellis has put together a nice little atrocity exhibition of a story. You can read it in a day, it is pretty short. But it is something else. Warning though, it is very graphic at times.

Pushing Daisies

I could not quit this show. It was a machine and all cylinders fired at almost all times. This was easily the best new show of the season.


Speaking of shows, the serial killer is back. I wasn't sure they could top that unbelievable first season but oh baby, they did. Dexter continues to be the most wickedly clever . . . and just plain wicked, shows on television.

KaosDevice kills your snake at The Heart of the Machine.

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