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John Allison`s Scary Go Round
© Andrew Kozma
December 31, 2007

In John Allison's Scary Go Round, Tackleford is your normal, everyday small English town.

Except the devil tries to use it as an entrance into this world, beginning Armageddon. People tend to die at an alarmingly high rate.

The Mayor (Mayor James Mayor) was deposed and replaced by an inventor, main character, Tim Jones, who then lost an invent-off with Professor Dai Davies who then became mayor (as a result of his VIT-RX super muscular growth potion), and then was removed by office since his mental health was deteriorating.

So the mayor's office was abolished by the government. Here there be goblins, devil bears, various cults, witches, long-lost gods, and mad science.

At this point, you might be thinking, Ah, it's just all the result of a Hellmouth. However, the whole world is twisted, as evidenced by the delegation of robots from Robotania.

There are forty chapters so far. A sample synopsis:

A plot on the part of Tackleford High School's administrators to remove The Boy and Esther's class from existence in order to budget instant coffee has unforeseen consequences.

This comic will drain the better part of a week as you read and read and read and laugh and are amused and find your brain working in circles you hadn't thought possible, viewing this earth with cleaner, more aware, and disparately-colored eyes.

Then it will continue to adjust your manner five days a week (that's right, you heard it right here).

Also, the man, i.e. John Allison, designs awesome t-shirts.

Remember: Bears will eat you.

Andrew Kozma is a staff writer for RevolutionSF. He's serious about the bear thing.

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