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RevolutionSF Wish List 2007: Ubalstecha
© Deanna Toxopeus
December 23, 2007

1. Game Setup from 40 Year-old Virgin

Price: $10997.21

I want the chair, with the speakers and the drink holder with the wide-screen TV. The chair is available from Ultimate Game Chair for either $299 or $399. For the TV, I want the Samsung HL-P5063W which retails for $3,500. Of course I will also need some speakers. Yeah, the chair comes with a couple, but we are talking serious game play here. For that I want the KEF KHT-3005 (black) speakers for $1,500. Finally I need a machine to run City of Heroes on. Puget Liquid Cooled Gaming Computer for $5,997.21 will do nicely.

2. Custom Home Theater Seating

Price: Starting at $5,000

I love TV and have an extensive DVD collection. I also frequently have friends over to watch movies and relax. For that kind of a set up, I want seating that is relaxing and has cupholders. Elite HTS is a Canadian company that customs makes home theatre chairs. In addition to picking your colours, fabrics, even the style of cupholder, you can have motorized reclining, a motion system and a feel the sound system. If you work really hard, you can make it look similar to a Star Trek bridge.

3. Geeky Home Theater Electronics

Price: Approximately $5,000

I want a home theatre system, but I want one that relives the geeky movie that my dad took me to when I was six. I want:

Star Wars R2-D2 projector with DVD Player and iPod dock (comes with a Millenium Falcon remote): $3,928.13

Tie Fighter Speakers.

And a custom Death Star Sub-Woofer.

4. Complete Original Star Trek in HD

Price: About $600

So this isn't all out yet, but I want it. This, along with encouragement from my dad, is the TV series that made me into a geek. Amazon is selling the first one for $194.99 list price. I will assume that the rest is the same cost.

5. The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Price: £1,950,000

I want a copy of this book of wizard stories that is mentioned in Deathly Hallows and that Rowling wrote for friends. You can either buy me one or force JK to be my friend so I can get one for free.

6. Home Library

Price: Approximately $100,000

Like many others on this site, I want a home library. But I don't just want Ikea shelving units. No, I want one of those built-in, custom shelving units that you see in British movies. I am talking something that looks like this.

Deanna Toxopeus is a RevolutionSF staff writer and writes Ubalblog.

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