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Knight Rider Plus Arrested Development Equals Awesome
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
December 14, 2007

See, I was all a-twitter before, but this may be too much. NBC's Knight Rider TV-movie, if it ever airs, may indeed rule.

Or it may be terrible. Either way, I'm watchin'.

TV Squad has pictures of the cast and the car. David Hasselhoff will have a "cameo," the press release says. That may not be enough to contain him.

Best news of all: The voice of KITT is Mr. Will Arnett, GOB from Arrested Development, that show that was funny that I liked that one time.

Arnett is an amusing person. He's in another show I like that has not been cancelled yet, 30 Rock, in which he tells Alec Baldwin, "I'm going to make your heart explode."

Bruce Davison, Sen. Kelly from X-Men, is in it, and he rocks the silver lion-mane hair. Also he's a great actor. But the hair.

Autoblog says there will be three versions of KITT: KITT Hero, KITT Attack, and KITT Remote. Alls I know is, there better be some turbo boosting.

Whoo! My 80s TV nerd is sated. For the moment.

RevolutionSF news editor Joe Crowe has the Knight Rider theme stuck in his head. For the last 20 years.

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