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RevolutionSF Newsblast: Heroes, Hugos, Young Indiana Jones
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
August 21, 2007

RevolutionSF Newsblast. Short sci-fi news. That is all.

Gonna Raise Hail

Nichelle Nichols and Kristen Bell will appear on Heroes in the new season, which starts Sept. 24. That's an actress from the 1960s and one from the 2000s. To complete the set they need Suzanne Somers from the 1970s, Soleil Moon "Punky Brewster" Frye from the 1980s, and from the 1990s, I don't know. Blossom?

Nichols is happy to have a job where she won't have to kiss William Shatner. Yet.

Force Feed

RevolutionSF's Rick Klaw and Peggy Hailey have hosted the Dark Forces book group monthly for over six years, talking about dark fantasy, horror, and "just outright oddball" books. The group includes Rick and Peggy, RevSF comics editor Alan J. Porter, and RevSF contributors Paul Miles and Paul Benjamin. Now the group has a blog on the Internet. And so we plug it, because it's good readin'.

Award Presentation

The Hugo Awards, science fiction's premier award, has an official site, and it only took 54 years. Technically, the Web hasn't been around that long. But anyway.

Everybody who's a big shot has won one, and the official site will tell you who and when.

Frank Portrayal

Cartoon Dump is a live show from the Steve Allen Theater that shows terrible cartoons and features live performances from Moodsy, the Clinically Depressed Owl, who plays Frank Coniff, TV's Frank from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can watch computerized episodes of it. It's all good, wholesome fun, including dialogue such as "There's nothing like a mid-morning purge!"

Needless Remake Update

About sixteen movies ago, Bryan Singer was going to do a Logan's Run movie after he finished one of the X-Men movies. But now someone we've never heard of will do it. Tim Sexton, writer of Children of Men will write it, and supposedly it's like the novel, and less like the movie. But what about the 1977 TV series with the dude from Trapper John M.D. and the girl from one of the Captain America movies? How is it going to compare to that, people? How?!


Hey, remember Young Indiana Jones Chronicles? Like so many other things that we remember being good, it's never been on DVD. But now it's set for DVD October 24. Whoo whoo! Twelve DVDs of learning about history!

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