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Spider-Man 4, Fantastic Four 3, Superman Returns 2 May Someday Exist Or Not
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July 14, 2007

The Hollywood Reporter says some popular movies will have sequels. Finally, society is beginning to make sense.

Spider-Man 4: Producer Laura Ziskin says "We just haven't answered what shape they will come in." My hope: Rectangular.

Fantastic Four 3 "No script is in development."

That didn't stop them from filming the second one all the way through.

The WB wants Superman Returns 2 to be less expensive. Or free, if possible. But Kevin Spacey got to get that money, you cheap bastards.

Bryan Singer and his people aim to start up Superman Returns Returns in summer 2008. Singer's people tell IESB.net that rumors he'll do another film, Mayor of Castro Street first, are, pardon my French, "total horse shit." I love when they talk dirty.

They'll do Superman after they finish the Tom Cruise epic Valkyrie, which better be about the blonde with the sword from Marvel Comics' Defenders, or I will register my non-plussedness via online petition.

There are "no plans" for X-Men 4 but Wolverine will start filming for an air date next year. That is, when Hugh Jackman is done gadding about madly in a musical by the Moulin Rouge guy.

I absolutely love that every X-Men comic book fan now and forever must hear the words ""musical theater" in the same sentence as "Wolverine."

RevolutionSF senior editor Joe Crowe likes movies, and has seen at least two.

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