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Indiana Jones And The Taking Of A Load Off
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
June 23, 2007

It's Indiana Jones! Phone your neighbors! He's sitting down!!

Really, it makes me happy just to see him in this first shot from the set, which appeared on the Indiana Jones official site.

That's odd. It'd be like the Goonies having a MySpace. Thank much for add! Tell Chunk wear diaper next time! (from BootyTrap723)

I'm very glad this movie is happening. Harrison Ford has earned the right to cop a squat now and then. I'm glad he's getting his rest. Being awesome is hard work.

But sitting down is our job! You and Lucas and Spielberg have slobbed around on your gold-plated couches for 17 years! You think Shia LaBeouf is sitting down right now? If you've got time to sit around, you've got time to call Short Round and see if he can be in the movie!

Now get off your hump!

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