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Sci-Fi TV Pre-Cancellation 2007: More Heroes, More Problems
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May 14, 2007

NBC announced in public their 2007 lineup of TV shows. And would you believe? There's some sci-fi on it. But it's just May, there's plenty of time to cancel them before they air.

Heroes is back. So is 30 Rock which makes me equally, and possibly more happy. Tina Fey is awesome. So is Kenneth, Dr. Spaceman, the Beeper King, and Tracy Jordan. While he's apparently a total slapnuts in real life, Mr. Alec Baldwin is funny at his job on this show. You should watch this show. You'll thank me.

Heroes: Origins: Where was I? New sci-fi on NBC. While the not-canceled Heroes is on a mid-season break, Heroes: Origins will air in its place. The six episodes will introduce new characters. Then the viewers will vote. The best one will come back for Heroes season 3. First of all, season 3 is mighty presumptuous.

Secondly, I don't trust the viewing public in TV wonderland to pick my favorite superhero. They'd just pick the girl with the best rack. Which is sometimes the same thing, but that's beside the point.

(Thanks to Zap2it.com for the preview clips.)

Chuck and The IT Crowd: The first one is about a computer nerd who becomes a secret agent, and the second one is about wacky computer techs who work in a wacky office. (Here's a clip from the original British version).

Chuck has Jayne from Firefly. On the second one, I hope one of the workers is a smart-alecky guy who has a crush on a girl who works there, but she's engaged and they have a will they / won't they relationship. I'd love to see a show like that.

Journeyman: Here's a preview. If they wanted to do Quantum Leap they could have just done a new show and called it Quantum Leap. Our feelings would not be hurt. They're already doing that with . . .

Bionic Woman: The show's creator is David Eick from Battlestar Galactica. Katee Sackhoff plays the evil bionic lady, which sounds awesome. Check out this preview clip.

This show better not have meaningful social commentary. It better have a bionic chick going buh-nuh-nuh-nuh and boop-boop-boop-boop or I will go bitch-cakes.

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