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RevolutionSF Newsblast: Rick Berman, Jim Cameron, Justice League
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
February 26, 2007

RevolutionSF Newsblast is all the sci-fi news you need in easily digestible capsules of joy and pain.

Touched For The Very First Time

The Sci Fi Channel and Virgin Comics, a comic book company owned by rich guy Richard Branson, will work together on things. The press release used fun words like "co-branding" and "forward-thinking", "forward-looking" and "multi-platform." But "work together on things" is the gist of it. There will be five comics titles. And that's all they said.

The new company will be called Sci Fi / Virgin Comics.

This will be the first time those words have appeared together since every single hour in every single day in the last sixty years.

They Got The Touch

At the New York Comic-Con, a comic series was announced. Three words: Avengers meet Transformers. It'll come out the day before the Transformers live-action movie on July 6.

It's the "new" Avengers, so Wolverine is in it. In other words, Wolverine will meet the Transformers.

That is geek pornography of the dirtiest, dorkiest kind. Now, if you'll excuse me for a few minutes . . .

Up And Adams

Neal Adams, who drew Batman in the 1970s when I first learned how to read, and Frank Miller, who did The Dark Knight when I first learned how to drive, will work together for the first time, on a six to 8-issue miniseries called Batman: The Odyssey.

That did it. I'm blind.

Little Mister Sunshine

Rick Berman is just so cute. Honestly. The Star Trek producer who no longer works there just will not stop talking about it. I understand not biting the hand that fed him, and I never expect him to agree with what fans think of his work. Because that would probably just make the fans madder.

In a recent issue of Star Trek magazine, which apparently still exists, he talked about the Trek movies. Whee!

He blames Leonard Nimoy for the original cast hardly being in Generations. Berman says they wanted Nimoy to direct, Nimoy wanted to change the script, they couldn't agree that they should let Nimoy do that.

He says that Insurrection was "classic Star Trek."

I have nothing smart-alecky to say about that. I just want to let that quote sit out there by itself for awhile.

Then he says that he was "encouraged" to hire Stuart Baird to direct Nemesis. And he says "I still believe Nemesis was a very good film and I, to this day, don't quite understand what went wrong."

I'll start. Dune buggies. Wait, I want one more turn. Tusken raiders. Next!

Silly Berman. At least he keeps Trek-loving smart-asses in business.

Jim Cameron vs. Jesus

James Cameron dug up Jesus Christ's grave and made a movie about it. I defer now to Dharma Bum on the RevSF message boards:

"The director of filking Titanic is trying to take down the (second) largest religion in the world with "evidence through DNA tests, archeological evidence and Biblical studies." We don't know who Anna Nicole Smith's baby's daddy is, but Maury Povich and James Cameron have traced two millenia old remains directly to Jim Caviezel.

It should be noted that the names on the graves he found were common Jewish names, the families were middle class, and the man who discovered them shot down the theory that it was the Jesus Christ fifteen years ago. I can't wait to not watch this movie. It was just fun to write the sentence, "James Cameron dug up Jesus Christ's grave and made a movie about it."

The whole thing will be a book and a Discovery Channel special, which will air March 4. Cameron will surely require a robot from the future to come save him after this.

A League Of My Own

Two people we've never heard of are writing a Justice League movie. Start the countdown! This means that we're between seven years and never for the movie to come out! This, after there's officially no one working on the Wonder Woman movie. Now the movie people jump over the big heroes, and give the go-ahead for Booster Gold or Elongated Man or Vibe? I can only hope.

The writers in question are Kieran and Michelle Mulroney. They have written one other thing. That number again: One. It's Mirrors and it has Kiefer Sutherland not being Jack Bauer in it, so I'm pretty much not interested. Kieran acted in one episode of Enterprise. But I'm still pretty excited!

In the meantime, I still have the never-aired Justice League pilot to keep me warm, complete with Major Winchester from M*A*S*H as the Martian Manhunter.

The Justice League cartoons are still good. And they already have Fire with her burning green breasts.


There's a juxtaposition of nearly unknown geek-centric series out on DVD this week. There's the live action Ghostbusters which is not the "Real" Ghostbusters with Bill Murray and Slimer and such, it's a Filmation series with the infamous Larry Storch from the infamous F Troop and a monkey. Classy, is what it is.

The Immortal has Mr. Lorenzo Lamas pretending to be the Highlander. It also has Dominic Keating from Enterprise and Grace Park from Battlestar Galactica. It's a Trek/Galactica live-action fanfic crossover!

And if you miss the very early 1990s, then by Cobain, you should check out Captain N: The Game Master where our favorite Nintendo game characters teamed up in a cartoon. No joke. King Hippo, Megaman, and a frightening abomination that talked called Game Boy. You have to see it. I insist.

Joe Crowe wishes his breasts were on fire.

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