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Descent: Journeys Into the Dark
Reviewed by harvey, © 2006

Format: Game
By:   Kevin Wilson with Darrell Hardy
Genre:   The dungeon game on steroids
Review Date:   December 05, 2006
RevSF Rating:   7/10 (What Is This?)

What is it?
It's a really big dungeon game that uses the same mechanics as the hugely enjoyable Doom: the Boardgame.

What is it physically?
Really big boxed board game with hundreds of components. Keep it at home or hire a truck to take it to your friends.

What does it do?
Turns the dungeon bash into a big, good looking affair with interlocking cardboard corridors and rooms to form the dungeon map and loads of plastic monsters to form the threat. Sends one to four adventurers into the dungeon to face the monsters and traps controlled by the referee or Overlord. Gives a choice of twenty characters to choose from each with special abilities and skills that can be different each time you play. The Overlord commands a selection of monsters, the number and capabilities of which are scaled to the number of players. Comes with nine increasingly difficult dungeon levels that can be played on their own or as a whole campaign.

What do the players do?
Work together using melee, ranged, and magical attacks to defeat the monsters and traps controlled by the Overlord.

How does it work?
It's a dungeon bash, a bit like HeroQuest or Warhammer Quest, but using dice mechanics that handle melee, ranged, or magical attacks in a single roll.

How does it play?
Easy, with tactical co-operation ensuring that monsters fall like nine pins. Unless the players go solo. Then they die.

How does it look?
Excellent. Great looking plastic monsters. Thick cardboard counters and map sections. Full color rulebook and scenario book.

Anything clever about it?
Yes. The dice mechanics. Sums one attack and its effects in a single roll.

Anything stupid about it?
Too many components given the inadequate packaging. Too many components means too much time spent setting up and putting away.

Fantastic treatment of a classic genre. Big, bold, and fun, with room to design your own dungeons once you've played through the nine included. High price, but worth every cent.

harvey wants you to know he likes this game, and needs a pack mule to travel with it.

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