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Subspace: Bringing Back Your Joy
Hosted by Joe Crowe, June 13, 2006

Monkey movies, Amber, and a freaky letter from an Invader Zim fan. Why, it must be more letters to Subspace! I’m Joe Crowe. Read along with me, won’t you?

Subject: Simian Sci-Fi

Rick Klaw wrote a killer analysis of the finest in simian cinema! I was sure he’d forget the little-remembered (and practically unobtainable) “Son of Kong,” but he covered that as well. Thanks, too, for having the courage to consider re-makes (“Mighty Joe Young,” for instance) as well as animated films, such as the recent “cartoon” version of Tarzan.

Now that Jackson’s new “Kong” is released, would it make the top ten of jungle giants? (Blackie Blackwell)

Rick says: "Yes. I would slot it in at number 7 and moving everything else down one, bumping Son of Kong into the almost-made-the-cut list."

Thanks for the kind words. This is what happens when your mother introduces you to King Kong at a very young age.

Subject: Betancourt’s Amber

I think of myself as a purist but also a pragmatist who has read the 10 Amber novels many times. However I don’t pretend that Amber is high art or real literature. It’s genre stuff, good for what it is. The new novels are fun to read. They build on the series and are entertaining as the prequels to the Herbert Dune novels, if not as finely drawn or as carefully written.

Read, enjoy and save your deep reading for Phillip Roth’s Everyman or what ever new novel McMurtry will treat us to. I love the Amber world and did do a bit of lit crit work, but found that there are people who treat these works as iconic and as subjects of deep post modern analysis. Hey don’t get too serious these works are not even up to the works of someone like Greene, works that the Brits would call “entertainments” (maruby1)

A big-time Amber fan would want them to be “deep reading.” But I do like to call things “entertainments.”

Subject: Azumanga Daioh

This anime is the best to watch with friends, it’s extremely funny with fitting music. Only sad part is the end, it almost made me cry... Almost. (ackack)

Excellent way to cowboy up, my friend. Don’t let the anime get you down.

And while you’re thinking on that, let’s go to a

Check out Who Are Your Top Ten Recommended SF Authors?

Here’s a plug for Van Plexico’s Marvel Jeopardy traveling salvation show.

And here’s a link to “the most badass animated video I’ve seen in a million years.”

Aaaaaand we’re back.

Subject: Megas XLR

Just bring it back, to bring back my smile, my joy, don’t let it end this, I love the show too much, thanks for reading a fan’s plea.

OK, we’ll bring it back.

Oh, wait a minute. For the 7,000th time: We don’t make the show.

This, no kidding, is one of many letters — like, well into the double digits — we’ve received from people who think that we, who posted a review of the Megas show on our site, also make the thing. Does this happen to TV Guide?

Subject: Ghost Whisperer

Your review of Ghost Whisperer was mostly dead-on. LOL However, your assertion about the need for a Jason Priestley to arrive was exactly dead-off. Tru Calling was pretty good until he arrived. Similarly with Joan of Arcadia. In the instances of GW and T-C in particular, it’s about the people she meets up with. In other words, Twilight Zone. You put in these other characters from week to week and you get Dark Shadows—a soap opera with a cute twist but not in the same league with TZ. (jlerch)

Good point. I redact my plea for Priestley.

And now it’s time for a one-missive edition of . . .

Subject: Invader Zim of course

Humm.. How to say this in a shorter way.... Invader zim changed the life of millions. It can be in a good way or bad. Depends on how you think of it.

Plushis,DVDs, shirts, toys, and all the other enterament stuff that was made for Invader Zim is HUGE! Now, essag kids today say “Invadr what?” Lets heal there sin and bring it back to nickaloden. Not JUST nicktoons for all the poor ppl who only have cabel. And its will be 2x as popular. Now that the teens love it and some - s, the smaller kids will like it to! Brining more money to this besiness of yours. Thats what you want right? If the segual if fukl or something cancel some of that new crap that they have on there. Anyway, this is most likly the wrong business to tlak to. Well you have money and essageence. (hopfully) Send this essage to its right owner. Its not nice to steal. (inuyashaloverkiya)

Our forums moderator Dave says: "You know, I enjoyed Invader Zim, so I don’t want to diss the Zim fans, but . . . does Invader Zim cause brain damage?"

Anime editor Kevin says: "I don’t think we can blame this one entirely on Zim. She’s an Inu-Yasha fan, too."

Back to Joe: Fukl?

Subject: Marvel Fanfare

How can you write anything about Marvel Fanfare without mentioning the excellent work Mike Golden did in the first two issues and the later Spider-Man/Hulk story? Golden’s work alone justifies the existence of Marvel Fanfare. Golden is one of the best artists to come out of the 70s and his influence is still seen today in the work of many current artists. (???)

I’m pro-Golden, never fear. I just don’t have those issues in my attic.

Break out the chicken wings, 'cause it's . . .

Stop not working and reading these letters so that you can continue to not work and watch and listen to these:

Y: The Last Man reviewed on NPR: A reviewer on this very site said this comic is “The reason God made comic books.” And in doing so we got a blurb on the cover of the Y: The Last Man graphic novel. But read the book anyway.

Power Girl fan film: Here’s a funny, very well-done fan film that’s the only non-comic book appearance ever of DC Comics’ Power Girl.

HALFTIME OVER! Now get back to not working!

Subject: See No Evil

Thanks for providing another thoughtful and detailed movie review from Gary Mitchel. You can tell he is a real movie fan, just like me! (lostheartless)

Gary responds: "Yay! I have a fan! Now to only get 10,000 more, and have them all send me a buck."

Subj: X-Men: The Last Stand

Yeah, it rocked!! However, I would like to point out that for once the novelization (written by Chris Claremont, no less!!!!) had some more ultracool scenes, and even a cameo appearance by Lockheed. And it had a couple of nice inside jokes, such as Jean Grey seeing an alternate reality where she is called "Marvel Girl" and wears a green mini-dress. So just this once, I'll recommend the book-after-the-movie. :-)

Recommending a novelization! Somebody call the Guiness Book. I think that’s got to be a record. Meanwhile, I’d like to shamelessly plug a novelization that I was involved with, that of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.

Subject: Da Vinci Code

I shouldn't be the one who writes in saying that the DaVinci review lists Hanks' lovely co-star as Sophie Neveu. It's really, as you know, Audrey Tautou. I shouldn't be the one pointing this out because a few months ago I posted an entry in the 80's Sci-Fi Song Titles and implied that I Wear My Sunglasses at Night was done by Bryan Adams. So I won't send this e-mail. But if I were to send this e-mail, it would be only because I care.(naguscook)

That error has now been covered up. Reviewer Gary is already writing clues to it in his own blood.

No one noticed my X-Men review error when I said that Brett Ratner directed Hannibal, not what he actually directed, Red Dragon. So I officially deny it, and I shall not hire a monk to bust people upside the head over it.

And now for your reading pleasure, here is our one — ONE — “The DaVinci Code people suck” letter. The Internet already has cracked in half from the strain of this stuff, so we’re only doing the one.

Subject: Da Vinci Code

The problem most people have with DVC isn't just about Jesus marriage; But the additional messages that Catholic church oppressed women, killed 5 million of them (5 million!) and Knight's Templar "knew" Jesus marriage thing, bla, bla and bla. Brown might be many things, but a careful researcher, he is not. He couldn't be Tom Clancy's toenail in that regard. I am sorry of I offend people when I say this.

Other problems most knowledgeable people have with the book also is the glaring, blatant errors on technical issues which once summed up calls every other fact in the book into question. The cryptex uses "public key cryptography"? A researcher I know in this field really had a laugh on that one. Da Vinci's math could not come close to this technique; It is so obvious Brown has no idea what he is talking about. Other things: Many addresses in France are wrong, the Louvre pyramid does not have 666 glasses, some dude they said was a king actually was _not_. It goes on and on...

What is interesting to me is that people in America like this movie even though they don't know why they like it. I tell you why: Because it slams the Catholic church. In a mostly Protestant country, OF COURSE this goes down well... Brown is really smart to realize this. I am not a religious person BTW, and do not like strict Catholicism, do not like strict anything (except rule of law). And the fact that someone makes boatloads of money by appealing people's ignorance just bothers me. (davut16)

Contributing editor Jayme Blaschke responds:

Yadda yadda yadda. Catholicism is the single largest religious denomination in the U.S. BY FAR. I know many Catholics who've gone to see the film or read the book. Yer gonna have to look harder to find that magic bullet.

On a different note, am I the only one who, upon hearing Sir Leigh Teabing announce for the umpteenth time "Her training is incomplete!" finish his thought by saying "The Force is strong in you, Sophie, but you are not a Jedi yet!"

Back to Joe: Finally, on to a more serious subject:

Subject: Lost in Space Mom & Crystal Pepsi in 1986?

I don't think so, buddy. Let me google that up real quick.

(time passes)

I was right. Here's the wiki link.

Maybe you were thinking about Cherry 7-Up. (Note to Joe: Dammit. I looked up Cherry 7-Up, and it wasn't introduced until early '87. I can't think of any soft drink that was unique to '86, though. Did they still have New Coke, then?)

The years 1986 to 1993 were junior and senior years of high school and four years of college for me. It was all one hormone and stress-soaked blur.

They did indeed have New Coke in 1986, and I liked it, because it tasted like Pepsi. Oh, lame beverage! P.S. Find Cherry 7-Up.

If RevolutionSF humor editor Joe Crowe is fukl or something cancel some of that new crap that they have on there.

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