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Agent Aika: Naked Missions
Reviewed by Kevin Pezzano, ©

Format: Anime
By:   Central Park Media
Genre:   Anime / Science Fiction / Action
Review Date:  
RevSF Rating:   6/10 (What Is This?)

I'm having a tough time figuring out the target audience for this DVD. It's a near-future post-apocalyptic story, filled with fantastic mechanical designs and lots of kinetic gun battles. It's also definitely NOT for kids, being most easily labeled an "adult anime". However, it's surprisingly chaste, with only a few bits of nudity and one non-explicit sex scene. And yet Agent Aika is one of the most PERVERTED things I've ever seen in my entire life.

It's a really SPECIFIC perversion, though; Agent Aika is aimed squarely at panty fetishists. Every single female character in this series wears a microminiskirt and tight white panties, and the camera is almost always set at ankle height, angled upwards. This makes Aika one of the most "innocent" adult anime I've ever seen, eschewing the hardcore sex and tentacles that anime is usually infamous for in favor of a 50's style giggly peeping-tom sense of perverseness. Agent Aika is like a science-fiction-action-adventure adaptation of the Victoria's Secret catalog.

In the near-future time period of this anime, the Earth has been mostly flooded due to an environmental disaster. Salvagers explore and raid the underwater ruins of former coastal cities, digging up whatever valuables they can. Our heroine, Aika is one of the best Salvagers in the business, partly due to her liquid metal semi-sentient bustier, which in times of stress strips her naked and forms a sort of armored bikini shell around her, letting her kick mega ass. I can't believe I actually wrote that sentence.

Aika and her partner, the bespectacled and cute but annoying Rion, are hired to retrieve the Lagu, which is a sphere with the power to control earthquakes, tidal waves, and other fun stuff (hmmm... wonder if the creators of this anime saw Heavy Metal). No good action story is complete without a slimy villain, however, and in this case it's a creepy long-haired guy who seems to have been inspired by Hugo Drax in Moonraker: he's gathered up a few score hot miniskirted babes onto his spaceship, and he plans to eradicate the people of Earth and repopulate it himself (with the help of his crewbabes). To wipe out all the poor non-skirted saps on Earth, he needs the Lagu, and that's where his conflict with Aika starts. Oh, and he also likes sleeping with his sister, who resembles a pink-haired Chyna from the WWF. This anime is, to coin a phrase, f[il]ked up.

The storyline and action sequences are strictly by-the-numbers in this anime. They're not bad, but you won't be reading any news stories in the future about the influential plot and cinematography in Agent Aika, either. The animation is well done, and it is fun to watch the conflict and plot unfold, in a popcorn-movie sort of way. But then there's the little matter of the aforementioned panty shots...

Now, this isn't just the occasional peek of unmentionables, mind you. Agent Aika is almost nothing BUT underwear flashing! From the tour guide in the opening scene to the hot-chicks-dressed-as-French-Maid mook attacks in a parking deck to an aerial battle between a high-tech fighter and Aika's old MiG-21 (don't ask), some big-eyed waif somewhere is showing her underthings. It gets to the point where you stop gaping at the perviness and start admiring the sheer audacity of it all, because in a medium like animation, EVERY SINGLE ONE of these panty shots had to be planned and storyboarded out beforehand.

Kind of makes you feel sorry for those poor animators; they really, REALLY need to get out more.

So, when thinking about whether or not you want to get this DVD, ask yourself how much you like women's underwear. Ignore everything else about this anime: the characters, the science-fiction plot, the backstory, even the voice acting and the DVD extras (which, since I'm on the subject, are as skimpy as Aika's skivvies), because none of that is really what this anime is about. If you like the idea of a 100-minute anime where some girl's skirt flies up about every twenty seconds, then you'll like this anime. If the idea of an endless series of full-on underwear shots and floor-level camera angles makes you feel kind of uncomfortable, then for God's sake don't go NEAR this disc!

Agent Aika is a harmless bit of fetishistic fluff, sprinkled with a few interesting sci-fi elements here and there. I can't think of anything to compare with it, which is probably a good thing. It'd probably be a bad idea to try and get that Sailor Moon-loving girl in your Bio class hooked on other anime with this DVD, but if you've got a dorm full of boozed-up (male!) anime fans,

Kevin Pezzano is the boozed-up (male!) Anime Editor for RevolutionSF.

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