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RevolutionSF Celebrates the Comics of 1986
© Alan J. Porter
February 13, 2006

Many people consider 1986 the Best Year In Comics. Ever.

To choose the best titles from that momentous year RevolutionSF sent out a list of all 407 books published with a 1986 cover date to our staff, plus a selection of comics fans, creators, journalists and retailers, asking them to select their personal Top 50.

The results of those ballots were consolidated and an overall Top 50 Books of 1986 emerged.

Of the 400 plus titles, 210 made it into at least one person's Top 50. But in the end we had a clear 50 books that stood head and shoulders above the rest.

RevolutionSF will present an appreciation and review as we count down the Top 50 towards the single Best Comic from the Best Year in Comics.

The List

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