2005.12.23 — Where's My Show?
By Shane Ivey, © 2005

The channels really are dead this time of year. I mean, they're great if you love creepy stop-motion snowmen or boring-ass football games. But what if you need your sci-fi fix?

Sorry, babe. The man ain't around. Tune in tomorrow, maybe he'll have something for you.

Since there's nothing much on the tube to talk about, I'll sing about it instead. Gather your loved ones and sing right along. In a couple of weeks things'll all be back to normal.

"Where's My Show?"
To the tune of — you'll figure it out.

Oh, a nice warm fire is delightful
But the TV set is frightful
The reruns, they have me low
Where's my show, where's my show, where's my show?

With Galactica gone, I'm dreaming
Of Humanoid Organism scheming
Number Six is good to go
Sexy H.O., sexy H.O., sexy H.O.

Well, they finally kissed goodnight
And still they looked ready to cry
Will Jack and Kate get it right?
If they do, won't one of them die?

But I'm tired of Lost postponing
And Battlestar has me jonesing
Will they beat crazy Ensign Ro?
Make it so, make it so, make it so!

Happy holidays, everybody! Or you'll have to answer to her.




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