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Halo Movie Will Eliminate Need To Play Game
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
August 23, 2005

"Halo," that really popular video game with the guy and the stuff that he shoots, will be a movie, just like "Steel Magnolias" is a movie.

It is set for release in summer of 2007, which is when other movies, some of which are not based on video games, might also come out.

Right now the game "Halo 2" is out. That's smart thinking, going ahead and lining up a sequel. That's where "Steel Magnolias" went wrong.

The guy who wrote "28 Days Later" about British zombies, has written a script. It's like "28 Days Later," but there's a guy in a suit of armor and he shoots things instead of running like hell and screaming "Bollooooooooocks!"

No actors are in it yet. That's because A) The release date is two years away, and nobody knows which actors will be popular then.

And B) the lead character is Master Chief, who wears a full body suit of armor, so it really doesn't matter who's in it. Ha ha! Up yours, actors!

Before the invention of comic books, people made lots of video games into movies. RevolutionSF discussed them here.

Well, we've all got some time to kill between now and 2007. Anybody know any good video games?

Joe Crowe thinks they could make a really awesome movie out of Tomb Raider. Come on, you'd go and you know it. But not to the second one, because that would be crummy.

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