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RevolutionSF Fiction in Best of Year 2004: Pardon the Horn-Tooting
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July 08, 2005

RevolutionSF Fiction haS received five -- FIVE! -- honorable mentions in Gardner Dozois' 22nd annual edition of Year's Best Science Fiction.

Lou Antonelli: "Pen Pal" and "The Rocket-Powered Cat."

Danith McPherson: "The Forever Cup at Bitsy's Cafe."

K.D. Wentworth: "Blessed Assurance."

Steven Utley: "Little Whalers."

Dozois also said RevolutionSF was "among the best" of the Web sites featuring "mostly slipstream and soft horror."

Our thanks to fiction editor Jayme Lynn Blaschke for corralling all these talented folk.

Red velvet cake all around for those writers when we see them. Heck, go ahead and have some and say it's from us.

Because you can't mail red velvet cake -- trust me.

Next year our guys will do even better. And when they do, everyone gets blueberry cobbler.

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