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Enterprise, Please Do Not Be Terrible
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If you have a TV, or if you just like reading about stuff that's on TV, TV Guide had a cover story about Enterprise, debuting on UPN this fall.

It's a prequel show to Star Trek, but now's not the time for me to scream about that.

The article is worth a read. There's pictures galore, including the deck of the ship, the whole cast, including Lead Guy Jonathan Archer, played by Scott "Oh Boy" Bakula, and Hot Vulcan Chick Whose Name Sounds Like Toothpaste, T'Pol, played by Jolene Blalock.

RevSF big shot Shane Ivey says, "T'Pol, the Hot Vulcan Chick, would look downright pixie-like except for the fact that in the chestage department she appears to top Seven of Nine (so to speak). Her outfit isn't as tight, but I'm sure they'll see the light when the ratings need to pick up."

Trek big shot Rick Berman says that the "needed to bring back the wonder and excitement and scariness of outer space." Longtime Trek writer-producer Brannon Braga says, "In the last two spin-offs, our characters were not where they wanted to be . . . But Captain Archer is dying to get into space."

In this time period, there is no Prime Directive yet. John Billingsley, the guy who'll play Dr. Phlox, said: "Getting rid of that damn Directive helps a lot." I can dig that.

Trek's burned us hard before. They've smacked us around and taken our lunch money. But I'm kind of looking forward to see what they've got going on with this.

I must have a fever.

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