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Warp 11: Boldly Go Down On Me
Reviewed by Joe Crowe, © 2005

Format: Collectibles
By:   Warp 11 and Reboot Music
Genre:   Star Trek-themed Rock
Review Date:   May 11, 2005
Audience Rating:   Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics
RevSF Rating:   8/10 (What Is This?)

Warp 11's new CD Boldly Go Down On Me certainly has what one could consider a controversial title. But actually it's about MAINE. Me. is the postal abbreviation of Maine. This CD is all about promoting New England tourism, parents! So buy one for your kids who are Star Trek fans, right away.

And the photo on the front cover obviously depicts a man whose pants are too small. So he should go buy a new pair. In Maine.

And the back cover depicts that young man receiving oral sex.

Wait! I mean, being helped into his new pants by a thoughtful salesperson.

And the back cover contains no showing of naughty bits; it’s just implied very sternly. There! That ought to help get the CD into Wal-Mart, and the deserving hands of Star Trek fans everywhere.

Warp 11 is a rock band from Sacramento, California. They play hard-rock music, but every song is about Star Trek. This is their third CD, so they seem to have decided that this is a viable medium.

Nearly every track is funny and/or fun, but here are some of the standouts.

I can't decide whether "Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Klingons" or "A Song For People Who Never Watch Star Trek" is the best on the CD.

A new version of "Yeah Brother" is here, again with superbly quotable lines like "I'm like Odo, I'm jelly. I can say 'He's dead, Jim' like Deforest Kelley."

Kiki Stockhammer, the "Chief Science Officer" provides a nice change in lead vocal on "Electric Man." "If he ever gets too hot, I can just switch him off."

But you have to hear the title track, a pathos-drenched plea from a redshirt. Poor bastards.

The band has to get some credit for their look. Three of the band have the Kirk-generation tunics in gold, red, and blue, but sleeveless. Two of the bandmembers have goatees. This could be a reference to the Mirror Universe. But sometimes a goatee is just a goatee.

Obviously, the Star Trek fan is the intended audience. Note however that listening to Warp 11 will require a bit of a sense of humor. Many Trek fans have one. A very few do not. Be sure which one you are before you listen to Boldly Go Down On Me.

But let us should not divide like Frank Gorshin's black and white face. Let us enjoy, thinking about the good of the many over the good of the one.

Humor editor Joe Crowe is counting down the years to that sweet, sweet holodeck.

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