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Subspace: Testing Your Thews
Hosted by Joe Crowe, May 02, 2005

Your letters, our responses, and some other stuff.

Like this picture of a guy in a Darth Vader costume getting a ticket.

In his wallet, were there pictures of Luke and Leia? His Death Star ID badge so they wouldn't have to buzz him in? His Sith membership card?

Subject: Also looking forward to Serenity

Thanks very much for the mention and great screenshots from the Serenity trailer. I am SO looking forward to this one, along with many other Firefly fans. Let's hope it gets the marketing support it deserves to get newbies into the theater so it can become the hit it has the potential to be (especially so we can get the followup movie or two Joss has in mind). (scotthk)

I'm there with you on that.

And since we're all off our nuts about the Serenity trailer, leave us not forget the trailer for Batman Begins, a trailer that has made me feel good about everything. Go there and look. Look!

Jayme Blaschke says: "I think the Scarecrow did it for me. I've never been a big Scarecrow fan in the comics, but this could change my mind. That mask is downright disturbing — I can see how fear is his weapon. That and the fire-breathing horse. Worked for me in The Fisher King, works for me here. And Ken Watanabe. And the fact that there are nipples on Katie Holmes and not on the bat-suit."

What he said. Mainly, of course, the part about Ken Watanabe.

Subject: Feedback

The sound you hear just before "I Feel Fine" by the Beatles. (decimal.dust)

I was almost mildly irritated by the silly humor attempt via the reviled method of Taking Something Literally. But then the obscure Beatles reference causes me to applaud your cleverness. Very good upon you, sir.

Subject: Missed the point by a long shot

The Spider-Man collection is a piece of nostalgia; a sentimental journey back to a simpler time. Yes, the animation is lacking, but that's part of its charm. You've missed the point completely.

This is a time capsule full of vivid 60s sounds and imagery. A throwback to the heyday of Saturday morning cartoons. I'd trade this for Finding Nemo any day. Criticizing the animation is absurd. Period. Embrace this for what it is, nothing more. How fun would it be if it was identical to the crap we watch today? Think about it. (bobloblaws)

Jayme Blaschke says: "Egads, man. Bad animation is bad animation, nostalgia be damned. Yeah, I can watch it with enjoyment, the same way I can enjoy old Speed Racer episodes, but that in no way makes it *good*."

Read this, if you wish to say words like "absurd" and "period" about my views on sentimental journeys and vivid nostalgia and simpler times and Spider-Man.

Subject: Blade 3 Suckage

My low review of Blade: Trinity is vindicated! Snipes dislikes the movie so much that he's suing New Line over the flick! Mind you, he does wait until just before it hits DVD to do so. Even so, I was right, despite Ryan Reynolds being so yummy in the flick. (sneezythesquid)

Ryan Reynolds is indeed yummy, and I don't mind saying it. That Wesley Snipes is just stuck-up and all jealous.

Subject: Kevin in Sin City

in the few scenes where we actually see Kevin's face, am I the only person that picked up the uncanny resemblance to John Boy from "The Waltons", especially with the farm location ? (thinkways@yahoo.com)

Well, that's good and creepy. Anybody else? Do I hear other innocent TV character memories warped by Sin City? Richie Cunningham? Radar? Rerun?

Subject: Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Remember the very, very long standing argument about who the biggest nerds were — Star Wars Geeks or Trekkers? Remember?

At this point the question is answered once and for all . . . forever . . . amen. Best. Stupid Stunt. Ever. (kcwise1@excite.com)

Stand outside the theater all they want, they STILL don't have a nickname. Trekkies/Trekkers have TWO. The 2nd trilogy is almost over, people. Get on the stick! Or the saber.

Subject: Revenge of Sith Poll

WTF? I mean WTF'inF? Where's the option for: There is no friggin way I'm going to wait in line to see this movie. After Episodes I and II, I'm going to wait for the network premiere on Fox. (bblatt)

I applaud your attempt at strength. This shall be a mighty test of your thews, pugnacious one. Let us know how long you hold out.

Subject: Legends of the Superheroes

This is one of the corniest television programs I've ever seen, and that's what made it so great! Seeing Adam West in the Batman suit again brought back some old memories. Truly a classic! (jt_carter)

OH YEAH. The jet-ski fight between Batman & Robin and Mordru was classic.

Subject: Consider Yourself Lucky...

I went for 2 months of "Wiggles" and hated every minute. Lucky me gets to watch "Dora the Explorer" AND "Strawberry Shortcake" for a good chunk of the day.Woot! woot! I take care of a two year old and by the time I get home at night all I have in my head is "Come on! vamonos! you can lead the waaaaay!!!...".I can do the "we did it" dance from Dora. My brain is at the point of turning into pure goo and the only thing keeping me "sane" is this site. (small_time_thief)

Man, that is a heavy rap to lay on us.

Now we're going to write everything while having on our mind "Is this going to drive small_time_thief insane? What about this? Or that? Toot toot! Chugga chugga! Big red car! Ooh . . . sorry. Those Wiggles lyrics slip out of my head a lot.

Subject: House of the Dead

Hey! Where is your house of the dead review?! The only reason I wanted to watch that movie was because I read your hilarious review about it and wanted to experience the hilarity myself!

Anyway, you guys rock. I like reading about movies before I waste my money on them, and you've saved me from some awful movies. I love you guys! (soulcalibur_girl)

If even one less person has to see Elektra, then I've done my job.

Subject: Geek discrimination

They (Sci-fi geeks) look down on fantasy geeks. You ask a jock if he has geek discrimination and he'll look at you all confused. Explain it with smaller words and he'll hit you in the arm and accuse you of being gay. What a jerk! With all this going on, can geeks really afford to argue amongst themselves? NO! Unite, my soft-skinned brothers! Unity or wedgies and ritual humiliation! Excelsior!!!!!111!!ONE!!! (mattara)

Dude, if we unionize that just gives them a bigger target. Best to stay in the shadows. We already have the black T-shirts. As for the ritual humiliation, that's just prep school for the workplace.

Subject: Star Wars: The TV Show

"Ah, but we can dream, can't we? Sweet, sweet dreams, finally, of 'Wedge: The Series.'"

Oh no, what they really need to do is explore the exciting but unrevealed past of the unsung hero Porkins! Without his brave sacrifice, the Rebellion would have been crushed! (No e-mail, but obviously porkinsfan1@porkinsrules.com)

PORKINS FOR LIFE! But a TV series that ends with a chubby man getting blown up? Didn't that happen on "Designing Women"?

And our last letter I believe speaks for itself.

Subject: The Friendlike Zone, Revisited

I just wanted to show the love for your feature on LOST's Boone.

But I also wanted to put it in perspective from a lady's point of view.

You guys may identify with Boone, but do you have any idea how hard it is to be the Shannon of the island? You can't sunbathe without your creepy stalker stepbrother checking you out. You can't do your nails without your creepy stalker stepbrother checking you out. You can't jog in slow motion in your bikini top without your creepy stalker stepbrother checking you out.

You finally break down and have the "just friends" talk, and it finally seems that life is getting back on the right track. But just as you're enjoying an exclusive picnic with the island's most eligible (and edible) bachelor, what does mean old stalker stepbrother do? He goes and gets himself crushed by a drug smuggler's plane, then writhes around in mortal agony for hours and dies with your name, and a lot of blood, on his lips -- just so he can ruin your lovely next morning afterglow and make you feel all guilty about having a life and getting some action. Oh yeah? It's not always about you, Boone. Let a girl live a little, can't ya? How selfish can one guy be?

(Psssst, Sayid! You deserve better. Here's my number. String two coconuts together and call me, okay?) (ahsturgis)

Humor editor Joe Crowe can't do his nails without your creepy stalker stepbrother checking him out.

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