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Wonder Woman Movie Actress Not Named; Valuable Geek Time Wasted
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
February 24, 2005

Producer Joel Silver has bandied about names and whipped out rumors, but so far there's nothing official about a Wonder Woman movie.

At the convention WonderCon, Silver said he's talking to Joss Whedon about directing. He says that it's time for a modern live-action version, and that Whedon understands "a female superhero character."

Silver says in the New York Post that he's looking at either Kim Basinger or Jessica Biel to fill out the star-spangled shorts.

Depending on whether the story features an older WW or younger.

So he doesn't have a story. Or a director.

Why is he bothering me with this?

I'm looking at doing a Green Lantern movie with either Tim Daly or Ian Somerhalder. I don't have a story yet, or a director, and I haven't talked to either actor. But you don't see me calling up the New York Post.

But I don't have stroke in Hollywood. That's the only difference between me and Joel Silver in this. Good luck to him, but suffering Sappho, try to get some work done first.

At least we have the Wonder Woman series DVDs to keep us warm. Let us think for a moment about Debra "Wonder Girl" Winger. Or WW's stumpy sidekick Etta Candy. Your choice.

RevolutionSF humor editor Joe Crowe won't use the tired joke about being tied up with Wonder Woman's magic lasso. He just wants one of those tiaras.

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