Illustration by Emily Veinglory

A House-Boat
on the Styx

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Part I: Charon Makes a Discovery

Part II: A Disputed Authorship

Part III: Washington Gives a Dinner

Part IV: Hamlet Makes a Suggestion

Part V: The House Committee Discuss the Poets

Part VI: Some Theories, Darwinian and Otherwise

Part VII: A Discussion as to Ladies' Day

Part VIII: A Discontented Shade

Part IX: As to Cookery and Sculpture

Part X: Story-Tellers' Night

Part XI: As to Saurians and Others

Part XII: The House-Boat Disappears


RevolutionSF, the revolution in science fiction, is proud to announce the online publication of John Kendrick Bangs' novel of gentlemen's social clubs, luxury, style, and aquatic transportation in the afterlife. Plus, there's a good bit with Shakespeare in there as well.

Upon the river Styx, the boatman Charon has held a monopoly on ferry travel since time immemorial . . . until, that is, the day a house-boat intrudes onto his tranquil waters, upsetting his carefully ordered life and career. The house-boat is actually quite nice, not a problem in and of itself. No, it's those darn shades of the dead relaxing on board that invariably complicate matters. What's an honest ferryman to do?


About the Author

John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922) was a prolific writer of humorous fantasy and satire. He is credited with the creation of Bangsian Fantasy, a style which uses the afterlife as the setting and which had a powerful influence on later writers such as Philip Jose Farmer. His other novels include such works as Alice in Blunderland, The Idiot, and Mr. Munchausen: Being a True Account of Some of the Recent Adventures Beyond the Styx of the Late Hieronymus Carl Friedrich, Sometime Baron Munchausen of Bodenwerder.

About the Artist

Emily Veinglory is a freelance writer and illustrator. Her art has appeared in the journals Dark Animus and Night to Dawn and the role-playing games Valtyr and Guardians. She also accepts commissions for fantasy portraits and RPG character depictions. You can find her on the Web at and view her portfolio at

Artwork © Emily Veinglory.