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Old Tingo's Penis
by Geoffery Landis

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For mature readers only.
(In case you couldn't figure that out.)

About the Author
A scientist with NASA's John Glenn Research Center in Ohio, Geoffrey Landis is best known for his excellent hard science fiction. He won the Nebula Award in 1990 for his story "Ripples in the Dirac Sea" while his 1992 short story "A Walk in the Sun" (one of this editor's personal favorites) won the Hugo Award. He garnered another Hugo in 2003 for his story "Falling Onto Mars." His first novel, Mars Crossing, is available from Tor Books, and Golden Gryphon has published a collection of his short fiction entitled Impact Parameters. His website can be found here. The piece that follows, I think it's safe to say, isn't what most readers have come to expect from Landis, which makes it all the more fun.

Old Tingo's Penis © Geoffrey Landis
About the Artist
Robert E. Mansperger, Jr., is an award-winning illustrator, graphic dsigner and illustrator living in Nashu, NH. Foremerly of NH.com he now works full-time at a small start-up software company in Lexington, MA that doesn't quite realize the dot-com boom went bust. But don't tell them; he needs the money to feed his twins and keep a roof over his head. We dragged Rob here with promises of fame and fortune after he helped with the designs for Arc Dream Publishing's corporate Web site and its portal sites for the Godlike and Wild Talents RPGs. Rob's portfolio may be found at mansperger.com.

Artwork © Robert E. Mansperger, Jr.

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