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Six Degrees of Meg Ryan to Megaforce
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe, July 06, 2004

Three Degrees:
Meg Ryan was in "Top Gun" with Tim Robbins. Tim Robbins was in "Bull Durham" with his wife Susan Sarandon. Susan Sarandon was in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" with Barry Bostwick, the star of "Megaforce." (jedidave@hotmail.com)

Meg Ryan was in "Proof of Life" (as Alice Bowman) with Russell Crowe (Terry Thorne)who was in "A Beautiful Mind" (as John Nash) with Ed Harris (William Parcher) who was in "China Moon" (as Kyle Bodine) with Ralph Wilcox (the Ballistic Technician) who was in "Megaforce" as Zac. (raginglily@yahoo.com)

Two Degrees:
Meg Ryan was Dr. Blight in Captain Planet and the Planeteers, and Robert Guillaume had a voice credit or two on that show. He was in Spy Hard with Barry Bostwick, the star (using the term loosely) of Megaforce. (crow_steve@hotmail.com)

Meg Ryan was one of the voices in Captain Planet and the Planteers, as was Tim Curry. Tim was in the Rocky Horror Picture Show (how nice!) with Barry Bostwick, star of Megaforce. (naguscook@aol.com)

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