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Enterprise: Rick Berman, William Shatner, Full Panic
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© Joe Crowe
July 01, 2004

Star Trek big shot Rick Berman has finally pushed the panic button. He is on the phone with William Shatner.

In an interview with SF magazine Starburst, Berman says that he's going to meet with "Bill," as he calls him, soon to discuss some things.

He says that he's looking into "logical and entertaining ways" of getting "both actors and characters from earlier series" to do something on "Enterprise."

I presume that doesn't include actually operating the camera. Although most of the "Voyager" cast might be up for that.

Logical AND entertaining. On "Star Trek"? Man, that's crazy talk! Take some deep breaths.

But on to more important things, and that's William Shatner. Let's just be honest with ourselves: Who wouldn't watch "Enterprise" if Kirk guest starred?

Of course, nothing is official, which is The Way with "Star Trek." Shatner already has a gig on a new lawyer show with James Spader (and he's recording an album with Ben Folds.)

So now it's come to this. Ater all these years of diminishing returns, Berman admits to pushing the Shatner Button.

Let's see how "Star Trek" got this far down on the "Oh Crap, What Do We Do Now?" checklist.

Klingons? Check.

Little-known alien race from old series? Check.

Not the Horta, though? Check.

Theme music WITH WORDS? Check.

Theme music with words from a Rod Stewart song? Check.

Theme music with words from a Rod Stewart song NOT sung by Rod Stewart, but by someone who kind of sounds like him? Check.

Seemingly nude hot female? Check.

Covered in goo? Check.

Several times? Check.

One movie too many? Check.

Kill beloved character for no reason? Check.

Quantum Leap cast reunion? Check.

Current popular rock band plays current hit song on deck of ship? Whoops -- one item too far.

Talking to Shatner? He'll Kobayashi Maru that show ahead of "Survivor."

RevolutionSF news editor Joe Crowe wants to know why he doesn't call Janeway. JANEWAY!!!!

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