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Subspace: Bits and Pieces
Hosted by Joe Crowe, March 11, 2004

First up, here's this week's Quote From The Old Comics Box.

This week, from the May 15, 1987 issue of the well-thought-of and now defunct comics magazine "Amazing Heroes," artist Tom Yeates on Captain EO, a movie for Disneyworld starring Michael Jackson:

"You've got Michael Jackson leading a rag-tag band of space heroes to a planet where they give its evil android-esque inhabitants a gift.... That gift is a key to unlock their inner beauty. And MUSIC is the key that unlocks that beauty."

And isn't that what we've been telling you people all along?

Subject: Memories

HUTA brings back memories of Zealot. I miss that place, but Rev SciFi is an acceptable replacement. (ajlandon@hotmail.com)

We miss it, too. Especially the part where we got paid to write stuff all day.

"Acceptable"? I have personally been shooting for "adequate" the entire time on this site.

Hopefully someday we'll progress to "so-so."

Subject: Speaking of Halo 2

That changer4508 bloke seemed quite ecstatic, and for good reason, so I recommend two new Halo books to tide you over: William C. Dietz's The Flood, which follows the events on Halo through the perspectives of the Covenant and the Flood as well as the Master Chief and the Marines; and Eric Nylund tackles the story again in First Strike, the prelude to Halo 2, which introduces the new Covenant race the Brutes which were showcased in the E3 demo trailer.

Oh, and check out the hilarious Blood Gulch Chronicles on www.redvsblue.com. You'll never look at multiplayer the same way again. (wolvie110@hotmail.com)

That's funny.

So did anyone ever see Captain EO? There was a green elephant in it. His name was Hooter.

Subject: Brent Spiner's psychiatric disorder

brent spiner has narcissistic character disorder. a noteable psychiatrist told me this. email me at strengthjustice9@yahoo.com for more info about the disorder and how it is effecting brent (strengthjustice9@yahoo.com)

I think I'll just look it up myself. Because I'm worried about Brent Spiner.

Here we go. Attributes of narcissistic personality disorder:

1) Feels grandiose self-importance.
2) Obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success.
3) Firmly convinced he or she is unique and special.
4) Requires excessive admiration.
5) Feels entitled.
6) Uses others to achieve his ends.
7) Devoid of empathy.
8) Constantly envious of others.
9) Arrogant.

Let me see if any of these things apply to me.

1? Yep.
2? Oh yeah.
3? Damn straight.
4? You better believe it.
5? Sing it, sister!
6? Daily.

Hey, it looks like I'm a butthole!

Maybe this is just a clinical way of saying it. A doctor can't really tell you that.

"Mr. Spiner, your tests came back, and I'm afraid you're a jerk-ass."

Subject: Run for the hills!

*runs for the hills* Aaaah! Wait a minute, you said RINO Romano is voicing Batman. Not Ray. *returns from the hills*

Rino Romano is one of my favourite voice actors. He's been in tons of video games like Star Trek: Elite Force, Eternal Darkness and Knights of The Old Republice, and the awesome Starship Troopers cartoon. I thought he was a great Spider-Man, though his talents were better served in the super-cool PlayStation One Spider-Man game than in the not-so-cool Unlimited cartoon. I think he would be a great Batman, even if the cartoon doesn't hold up. (wolvie110@hotmail.com)

The Rino Romano-maniacs have spoken! Or one of them, anyway. Who was I to know that he actually worked again?

Subject: The Oscars

Come on people, we're getting uptight about an award that's named after a guy who liked to wander around naked with only a sword covering the remains of his dignity. I mean, really...

Twenty years from now, what's it going to matter: it'll just be an embarrassment, or completely forgotten. Let's face it, nobody talks about the good films from back then, it's all, "Lawks, did we really enjoy that stuff?! What were we thinking!" And hoping desperately that nobody notices how worn out our copy of it is. Nobody remembers who or what won awards from that far back. Hands up anyone who remembers who won Best Picture for the 1983 Oscars? Or any of the other awards. And if you do know, you need to get out more. (Here's a clue: It wasn't Weird Science. Man, Oingo Boingo were robbed of that Best Original Song Oscar (tm), ROBBED, I tell you).

Be brave people, and remember that award winners are quickly forgotten. Have you seen that guy who won "Best Orangesqueezer" at the sports night lately? What's he been doing with himself? That's right, boring people at the same old places he used to hang out back then with tales of faded glory that he's never gotten past.

We're better than that, aren't we? (sibanks@bigpond.com)

I agree and I disagree. The reason we got so cranked up about "Lord of the Rings" and the Oscars was that the high-falutin' Academy finally deigned to note a movie that wasn't solely based on human melodrama.

We knew the movie was good already, and so did enough people to make the thing about a bajillion bucks at the box office.

But the irony isn't lost on me that we give a crap about a group of Academy people who don't return the crap-giving. So it'd be disingenuous for us to say "Up the Academy" when they finally did what they should've done.

Except that I doubt anything will have changed with "them," whoever they are. Art-farts in general are my nemesis, they who dwell in pretension and self-importance.

But a good dose of a great genre flick won't make non-geeks into geeks, no matter what. So all we can do is do our thing, and let them bore themselves to tears. Without them, we couldn't be us.

Whoo! I am spent.


This looks to be THE science fiction film experience of 2004. It's called CASSHERN. The trailer can be viewed here.

The story is based on a 35-year-old anime. It has some of the most amazing visuals I've seen since "City of Lost Children" or "The Matrix." If the story is half as good as the visuals, this may be the apology some of us would like the Wachowskis to give after R & R. Alas (or perhaps hallelujah), they have nothing to do with this film.

Can RevSF's friend SuperDave over in Tokyo give us any insight into this? Take a look... (changer4508@hotmail.com)

Let me be the 17,000th to say that pretty pictures don't mean it's going to be any good.

I keep telling and telling my baby daughter this, but all she says is "Bah."

RevolutionSF humor editor Joe Crowe weeps for Oingo Boingo. Bits and pieces and bits and pieces and bits of....

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