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Sci-ku: 7 of 9
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe, February 13, 2004

Tired stories made
watchable for geeks needing
soft porn on T.V. (mrbroe@yahoo.com)

Laugh all you want, but
She's the only crewman with
An acting gig now! (mattara@rocketmail.com)

I don't get this one,
what's with the leotard, huh?
Fanservice alert. (rougewisp@hotmail.com)

What else can I say?
She puts the "ass" back into
ass-imilation! (thezodiac@sympatico.ca)

She is just one more
Reason to string Braga by
His pulsating nuts. (thereisafork@indigogirlsatemyballs.com)

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