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Funniest Ways Life Would Be Different if D&D Fans Ran the World
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe, December 13, 2003

8. Magic enhancements could be placed on anything. And I mean ANYTHING. (swrpgman05@comcast.net)

7. Mortgages approved on a Save vs Credit (bessellieu@excite.com)

6. Mountain Dew would replace water in drinking fountains, and one of the largest fast food chains in America would be THACO Bell. (wolvie110@hotmail.com)

5. Masturbation would be a 5th level Wizard skill. (hanster@comcast.net)

4. Dates would be played out on battle maps (with anatomically correct pewter figurines, of course). (pennyc@ameritech.net)

3. In official applications, 'date of birth' would be replaced by 'winters' (rougewisp@hotmail.com)

2. A-, B-, and C-cup bras rendered obsolete (naguscook@aol.com)

1. There would be no taxes, only supplement, after supplement, after supplement... (ramnesis@hotmail.com)

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