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Sci-ku: Sci-Fi Conventions
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe, October 09, 2003

Feet beat to powder
Booth babes act interested
Someone hasn't bathed. (mrbroe@yahoo.com)

Miles and miles of stuff,
I do not know what to buy!
Ooo! There's Doctor Who! (cjbryant@troyst.edu)

Many yelling Klingons.
Actors paid with food stamps.
Welcome to GenCon. (bblatt11@aol.com)

Attendees outraged
When they read this year's con rules:
"Showers are required" (dhevek@yahoo.com)

Remember ladies,
Not all of you have Portman's
body. No bare midriffs. (sPider@ih8uprod.com)

Gather all otherworld forms.
Vulcans, Andorians, Klingons,oh my!
I run scared. (cyndeetrek@aol.com)

He waits all year long
To wear the suit and Spock ears...
Dudes that understand. (cbryant@troyst.edu)

"That crap is HOW much?"
"I don't give autographs, kid."
"You want fries with that?" (kingfisher61@cs.com)

See the fan costumes
Felt and cardboard, the real ones
Were made of the same (thumbwarriors@comcast.net)

Overpriced hotel!
I see no chicks in chain mail!
This convention sucks. (the_lurkster@yahoo.com)

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