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Life Sentence
by Paul Di Filippo

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About the Author
The prolific Paul Di Filippo has published scores of short stories and numerous books in recent years. His most recent books are A Mouthful of Tongues, Little Doors and Babylon Sisters, the latter of which contains "Life Sentence." Other works by Di Filippo include the novel Ciphers (1997) and the collections The Steampunk Trillogy (1995), Ribofunk (1996), Fractal Paisleys (1997) and Lost Pages (1998). He also writes collaborative crime novels with Michael Bishop as "Philip Lawson." He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

Life Sentence © Paul DiFilippo

About the Artist
Lori Krell's art ranges the spectrum from comic fanart to realistic gamer character sketches to highly stylized digital paintings. She loves comics, anime/manga, fantasy, science fiction, and classical art and writing, which have been great influences on her own works. The current artists that have most influenced her work include Brom, Linsner (Dawn), Donato Giancola, Christopher Shy, Stephanie Pui-Man Law, Lief Jones, Masamune Shiro, and too many others to recount. loved art and comics books for a long time now. As to writers, her interests shift from the science fiction of Frank Herbert, William Gibson, and Philip K. Dick and the fantasy of Sharon Shin, Katherine Kurtz, and Louise Cooper. Lori's first and foremost love has always been comics, which she collects voraciously. The medium of comics and manga have changed drastically from the days of pulp and heroes of the 1950s. Someday, she hopes to start her own online comic. She maintains her own website at http://www.shessair.com.

Artwork © Lori Krell

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