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The Transformation of Lawrence Croft
by Mark Finn

RevolutionSF, the revolution in science fiction, is proud to announce the online publication of Mark Finn's novel of twenty-sided dice and comic books. And pizza. Almost forgot the pizza.

Originally published as "The Secret Life of Lawrence Croft" in the 2001 collection Gods New and Used from Clockwork Storybook, The Transformation of Lawrence Croft, or, Three Days of the Con-Dorks is greatly revised and expanded from its original incarnation.

MagicCon is an ordinary fantasy/science fiction convention. Three days of comic books, anime, and X-Files jokes, which is exactly what Larry and his friends are looking for. Unfortunately for Larry, a long-forgotten Roman god named Stercutus is primed to make a comeback, and this particular god's sphere of influence really stinks . . ..

"Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy, etc.) fans will enjoy and [it] could well become as much a classic of the convention experience as has Sharyn McCrumb's Bimbos of the Death Sun."
--Charles de Lint

"It's funny, mean, scary, and very true to life. If you are a member of fandom, this book is over the top!"

"It is nothing less than Band of Brothers for the con-going set."
--Jayme Lynn Blaschke, RevolutionSF Fiction Editor

Mark Finn has been a professional writer for over a decade. He's written comics, essays, fiction and reviews for everyone from Playboy to RevolutionSF. In addition to Finn's Wake, his weekly rant-inside-a-commentary, Finn has written two books of contemporary fantasy, Gods New and Used and Year of the Hare, and a short story collection, Empty Hearts, which is currently in Limbo. He lives in Austin, Texas with a fiancée who loves him despite his bewildering catalogue of personal flaws and far too many books.

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