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Boppin' at the High School Hop
by Bill Crider

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About the Author

A full-time writer (formerly a full-time department head at Alvin Community College before cashing in on literary fame and glory) Bill Crider is perhaps best known for his witty, popular Sheriff Dan Rhodes mystery novels and the Murder in the Mist collaboration with Willard Scott (yes, that Willard Scott). In an attempt to confound creditors, he created the alias Jack MacLane and published five horror novels before the IRS got wise. Since then, he's written a variety of novels and short stories featuring vampires, cowboys, werewolves and cats, in no particular order. He also hangs out with Joe Lansdale far too much, as evidenced by the following story. The width and breadth of the Crider literary catalogue can be marveled at here.

Boppin' at the High School Hop © Bill Crider
About the Artist

Doug Potter has worked in commercial art for thirty years and exclusively as a writer and illustrator since 1987. Projects in the comic book field include his own comics for Kitchen Sink Press, Denizens of Deep City, Chips and Vanilla and Messozoic. He illustrated The Land Before Time 3-D Adventure comic book, based on the continuing animated video series and had work in Slow Death comics and the Marvel Comics Wild Cards series. His book illustration includes the award winning two-volume collection of Bradley Denton's short stories, The Calvin Coolidge Home For Dead Comedians and A Conflagration Artist, and a very limited edition children's book written by Joe Lansdale, Something Lumber This Way Comes. Doug Potter continues to do editorial cartooning for The Austin Chronicle where his work has appeared for more than fifteen years. His work can be found on the Internet at the Austin Chronicle, at Revolution SF and at his own web site.

Artwork © Doug Potter

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