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Funniest Courses Taught at the James Bond Academy
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe, May 03, 2003

11. 101 Uses for a Rubber (Other than the obvious. Because you are a real man, and have no use for bloody johnnies.) (NooN@comcast.net)

10. Alternate Intelligence Gathering Skillz 3000 level, course requires limber athleticism and heroic chin muscles, teacher approval required (you know what we mean) (shade668@hotmail.com)

9. Seducing the Enemy 203: The Bra Barrier (Deanna@magma.ca)

8. Making Sexy Enemies 305: Advanced Field Instruction (zachary+sf@place.org)

7. Convenient Plot Device Placement and Operation. (durandal05@yahoo.com)

6. Basic Driving 226: Wicked Gadget Operation. Please note that there is a $15,000 surcharge for this course to cover ammo and vehicle loss costs. (megatonnage@hotmail.com)

5. Rejecting Moneypenny 101: How to Keep Her Interested Even Though You've Blown Her Off for 30 Years (motherfilker@hotmail.com)

4. Laser Watches and You (blurfox@swirve.com)

3.The Alphabet, and Who Works Where (NagusCook@aol.com)

2. Winning Baccarat Strategies and People Who Actually Play This Game (pyrate@hellboyfan.com)

1. Awesome Scottish Accents 101 (jaguarwongrulz@hotmail.com)

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