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by Paul Di Filippo

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About the Author
The prolific Paul Di Filippo has published scores of short stories and numerous books in recent years. His most recent books are A Mouthful of Tongues, Babylon Sisters and Little Doors, the latter of which contains "Billy." Other works by Di Filippo include the novel Ciphers (1997) and the collections The Steampunk Trillogy (1995), Ribofunk (1996), Fractal Paisleys (1997) and Lost Pages (1998). He also writes collaborative crime novels with Michael Bishop as "Philip Lawson." He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

Billy © Paul DiFilippo

About the Artist
Jaxon Renick is a multi-talented artist of Native American descent with a long history in the comics field. (Besides reading them!) He has worked on projects with DC, Marvel, and a number of independent lines, and has done artwork for published articles. He studied various media and styles at the Kansas City Art Institute. Renick is many things to many many people—beloved by millions in Thailand, despised by several in the U.S., and (so far) ignored by billions elsewhere. He is also known to be a bit of a smartass, but with a heart of plated gold. Jaxon may be reached at: renegadelizard@ev1.net.

Artwork © Jaxon Rennick

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