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Matrix and Star Wars Episode 1 DVDs Special, Not Special
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
March 15, 2003

There will be no "Matrix" special edition DVD, says Warner. Instead, they'll rerelease the one we already bought, but at a lower price. It'll include a mail-in ticket offer for "The Matrix Reloaded," though. And there'll also be a two-hour making-of called "The Matrix Revisited."

Oh, well. This means no wacky "Matrix" blooper reel. "I know Kung . . . ha ha ha! Sorry."

Meanwhile, George Lucas announced that when the original Star Wars" trilogy goes to DVD after Episode III comes out, it'll be the Special Edition versions, not the originals.

Those are the ones Lucas tinkered with in the mid-1990s, and added new CGI that it took him 15 years to invent, and thus wasn't out there when he first did the movies.

They contained not 10 stormtroopers, but 100! And Han Solo talking to a Jabba the Hutt action figure. Which made those originals movies better, because we were wrong to like the originals.

Star Wars is one of the first 25 films placed on the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress. A coordinator told Entertainment Weekly that releasing both the original and the revamped cut would be "great for both scholars and historians."

It'd also be good if you actually want to see the movie the way you originally saw it. Imagine how you'd feel if they went back to Porky's and CGIed 100 more sets of boobies to the shower scene.

Wait. Bad example.

RevolutionSF likes to call news editor Joe Crowe our own "special edition."

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