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Subspace: Not Indifrent
Hosted by Joe Crowe, February 15, 2003

You all know what happened with Columbia. We won’t dwell on it, but a word is in order.

Subject: Sci / Sci-Fi

Science and Science Fiction are very closely related, even though many people will not admit that. The SS Columbia tragedy is going to affect us all, let’s hope that NASA learns from whatever mistake was made so problems with entry will no longer occur. My condolences go out to all of the family, friends, and coworkers of the Columbia crew. (death_prophet@hotmail.com)

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have put up a petition and comment board. I really like the Heinlein quote.


I think SF fans feel differently about the tragedy than other people. I’m not saying we grieve more, or less, but we feel different. Space travel is part of the imagination that pulled each SF fan into the genre in the first place. This loss seems like a bit of a dream being pushed further away from reality. But it’s not really.

The astronauts were heroes before this. They, and everyone in the space program, have pushed and will push the limits of human experience.

Our prayers are with their families and with everyone in the space program.

Now here’s our irregularly scheduled silliness.

Subject: Mrbroe’s Faramir rant

Um, why don't you tell us the differences between the Faramir of the book and the Faramir of the movie? Because I don't know what the hell you are complaining about. I've seen The Two Towers twice (did I just stumble across a tongue-twister?) and I have only one complaint; eventually, the movie ends. (wolvie110@hotmail.com)

I’ll let Shane "Tolkien 4 Life" Ivey answer that:

In the book, Faramir was noble and wise as all get-out. He was much more like Aragorn than Boromir. In fact, that was probably the main problem for the filmmakers; what's the point of spending screen time introducing a character who behaves pretty much exactly like Strider?

Faramir was tremendously admirable in the books; once he realized what Frodo was carrying and what he was planning to do, he never even thought about trying to waylay him, let alone pull a Boromir and try to send him straight to Minas Tirith. Naturally, Faramir fans the world over were dismayed -- nay, incensed; indeed, wroth to the point of pissedness -- when they saw him misbehaving on screen.

Me, personally, I was a little disappointed. But hey, they made up for it with Eowyn, not to mention Arwen in that funky elvish negligee. Can I get a double-duty WHOO-HOO? (shane@revolutionsf.com)

And now: castigation!

Subject: Horror movie

Hey, you guys! There's a new horror movie coming out soon. It's called "Getting Up Off Your Ass, Going Outside, And Getting A Job." I saw a theatrical trailer for it, and I'm interested in seeing it. Did anyone else see this trailer? If so, are you interested, too? (a@b.c)

This is old news. The sequel is already out. It’s called Getting a Job II: Keeping It Because You Have To. The only complaint that its fans have is that it lasts THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Here’s some news about a few things that RevSFians might be interested in. Or as I like to call it:


The downloadable PDF horror magazine The Spook has changed its name to Metropole. Anthony Sapienza, the magazine’s editor said that publishing reps and celebrities were confused by the title "The Spook," and so it was changed to something more mainstream.

Hopefully, fans of telephone poles won’t be freaked out. You can get the latest issue at www.metropolemag.com or www.thespook.com.

Night Shade Books has opened new message boards, to cover authors Jeff VanderMeer, Lucius Shepard, Elizabeth Hand, Michael Bishop, Steve Aylett, Jeffrey Ford, Jack Cady, L. Timmel Duchamp, Zoran Zivkovic, Rhys Hughes, Tim Lebbon, Brian Hodge, Richard Calder, and Gabriel Chouinard. So if you want to talk to and/or about those people, then you can go to www.nightshadebooks.com/discus

Subject: Darkness Falls

OK, it's two weeks later than your review (so update this site more often!) but I do agree with your ultimate review of Darkness Falls.

I have a question though- why in the HELL would you name your town Darkness Falls? You're just asking for stuff to happen.

("Hey, why are all these people showing up to Witches Point on Halloween?")

But yeah, the 'quick-buck' movie really is pulling down an industry that would otherwise be trying to improve itself, rather than relying on the lowest common denominator to bring in the 13-yr olds.

Funny, I have the same complaint about music, TV, and books too... go figure.

Anyway, if you're going to review a lousy movie, at least do "Shanghai Knights". What does it have to do with fantasy/horror/SF? Nothing, unless "horror" is how you describe Chan's acting when he's not beating someone up with a ladder. What does "Darkness Falls" have to do w/ horror? Roughly the same thing. (rhythman1234@hotmail.com)

I think Owen Wilson, Jackie’s co-star, should have a cartoon like Jackie. "Owen Wilson Adventures." He’d travel the world looking bored like he does in all his movies.

More about cyberpunk:

Subject: Cyberpunk’s importance

Regarding Rick Klaw's assessment of cyber-punk's influence...

::Stunned Silence:: (mrbroe@yahoo.com)

Subject: Up Yours Cyberpunk

On the plus side you forgot George Alec Effinger's As Gravity fails. On the negative side you forgot John Shirely's left wing conspiracy theory about neo-nazis taking over the world novel "Eclipse".

I managed to endure about 60 pages or so before I had to throw it across the room. For a book less than twenty years old it's dated amazingly fast. Probably because it had nothing to say that hadn't already been said in 1984. (gijoel@big.net.au)

Subject: Cyberpunk

Dear Kevin,

this is an old fart speaking who actually is just beginning to delve into cyberpunk after reading all kinds of stuff for the last 20 years (sad - isn't it?).

Anyway one author that I was missing was Melissa Scott. So far I have read "Trouble and her Friends" as well as "The Jazz" and liked both. I believe that "The Jazz" actually exemplifies what one auther called the logical progression of cyberpunk - information age scifi. I realley liked Trouble as well since the book got an attitude but not to the point to where it becomes obnoxious.

Well these are my two cents for this topic. (jayberg@gmx.de)

Subject: Cyber Bitches

I'm so glad I stopped reading stuff and thinking for myself. (dharma.bum@ anonymousness.)

Hey, who wants to pick a fight over bookstore categorization? Harlan Ellison, are you watching?

Subject: Pure Junk

Last Subspace Gooba 42 wrote: "Bookstores...don't know where to put Communion and Whitley's other books."

I have a suggestion: straight into the garbage can. I'm sick of this guy, John Edwards, and the Pet Psychic, et al "crossing over" into OUR TERRITORY DAMMIT! We take enough guff from muggles without adding these people's mind-crappings. Not that I entirely cast away everything they stand for, but at least make the treatment of these themes less obviously stupid, transparent, and tinged with religious overtones. I want to go Samurai Jack on these Jerry Springer types. Akuuuuuuuuuu! (kingfisher61@cs.com)

My favorite was James Von Praagh. Isn’t that a Klingon greeting?

Subject: DBZ to Finally End!

Yes, Joe, it's true! Starting March 10, the final 14 episodes of the popular series Dragonball Z will finally on Cartoon Network's Toonami block, officially bring the franchise to a close. (They will still play reruns after that, though, but then again, who watches reruns?) (fnchnst@cox.net)

RevSF’s Anime Guy Kevin, who actually knows about this stuff because I only pretend that I do, says:

"The DBZ series ended in Japan with the end of the Buu Saga. It's the last few episodes of that saga that the email was referring to. There was a sequel series in Japan, Dragonball GT, and that's rumored to be on the slate for when DBZ finally wraps up. But it sucks, so I hope not..." (anime@revolutionsf.com)

Subject: My Theory: If Yoda is so bad…

A true Star Wars fan does not try to combine the things of Episode 1 and Episode 2 into the REAL trilogy of Star Wars movies: New Hope, Empire, and Return. The more recent movies are really just "based on Star Wars, created by George Lucas," and don't really count for anything. Except for Natalie Portman. She can overturn my trade embargo any time! (naguscook@aol.com)

This was a contest entry that didn’t make the cut. I include it because it is the first time that the term "trade embargo" was turned into a sexual euphemism. You read it here first! Always on the cutting edge, that’s us.

Subject: Paul Riddell auction on eBay

Thought you'd be interested in this. Need your own Green Lantern ring?

[Big long E-bay address] (anonymous)

That's a former RevSF contributor selling all his stuff. Not me, buddy. Nobody’s ever touching my hoard.

Subject: Confused

Congratulations. On the same issue as your humour piece about fans not getting jokes, you print a lament for Data that perfectly captures everything about SF fan writing - the dumb pseudonym, the overheated prose, the belief that the death of a fictional character is as tragic an event as a living human being - that gives us a bad name. Please, please tell me that was a joke. (phil_eagle@ureach.com)

Well noted, and point taken, about the synchronicity. But those were actually two separate writers. And separate writers sometimes have separate opinions. Weird­but true.

Besides, we’re going to talk about storyline stuff here. Sometimes you can’t do that without getting irritated or over-serious. (See the "death of the Lone Gunmen" articles, which surprisingly, struck a much deeper chord with fandom.)

I think there’s a good mix of detachment and enthusiasm on our site, though. At least, this week.

I can’t wait till you guys read the LETTER O’ THE WEEK. As a group, we, the RevolutionSF staff, heartily recommend it. It’ll be good for you. The author is talking about our old "What Would Cthulhu Do?" game.

Subject: u r confused. i will tell u of true cthuhlu

you ppl seem to know nothing of cthulhu, yog-sogoth, and the shoggoth lords (learn to spell there names u fools!). all u know is the stuff you read from horror books, found on cult sites, and seen in 3rd class movies.

1. Yogsogoth is NOT the same thing as cthulhu. they do exist in the same reality but are difrent. the relationship is like cross between that of the christian god and jezus, and that of the christ god and micheal. Albiet yog-sogoth is a god, or atleast god like, but cthulhu is the true god. yog-sogoth but one of his children. and the shoggoth lords are the equivilant of the humans juhovan-god made... but with chtuhlu... not johova

2. they are not evil. blood thirsty yes. but not evil. for 1 thing evil exixtx only our (human) minds. and even in our perseption of reallity it is non-exixtant. it is just what we use to say what WE shuld and should-not do. but remember, the old ones can, and may, do things that we cant and must not do (or try for that matter).

3.the stars are not right. have not been so for atleast 2.6 billion years. and i dout the fact that that number co-ensides with the begining of earthen life is coinsidental. and there is no telling when they will be right again. but they cam close to it aprocimatly 3000 years ago. unfortunatly before cthulhu got thru the heavens shifted.

4. cthulhu has no body as we know the word. he exists as incomprehencible engery and uknown physical form. we can not see him, or know him, and hardly sence him. he is not of this reallity and the only reason we can even know of him is due to the fact that he is so powerfull his essence can trandsend time, space, demensions, and being itself. he is all. all that we know is nothing. to him our whol univers is but a plaything, a marble. to him he was just here. it is like a child looking for a lost buable. hel find it again. and if were lucky we will survive the emense rupture of our universe when he come back. our verry form of matter will change. sanity as we know it will not exist. our verry existance will be alterd. it will be a hole torn in our reallity that will leave us gasping for truth. he is not to hurt us. or help us. he is indifrent.

do not worry. he wont come for a long. youll be dead by then. unless you can find the necramonicon. and , if your lucky, live to bring him slithering here for us to wonder. (grey_cyberpunk@yahoo.com)

From Mostly Retired RevSF Art Guy Todd Shearer:

Yegads, and I thought us artist types were the unedumicated heathens of RevSF, that and the only ones steeped in mystical bull-hockey.

Does anyone know if this guy is blind or just missing six of his ten typing fingers? My guess is that he sacrificed them to Yog-sothoth...and my beagle much appreciated those tasty morsels, like a 7-11 big bite with a nail thrown in for added calcium.

From Shane Ivey, RevSF Webmaster / Mack Daddy:

Heh heh. In a few parts, he actually is right on the "canon" view of the Cthulhu mythos, at least as understood by people that think there is a "canon" view of a bundle of literary ideas that grew haphazardly over the past 80 years from pastiche to pastiche.

Then again...

> you ppl seem to know nothing of cthulhu, yog-sogoth, and the
> shoggoth lords (learn to spell there names u fools!).

Punk, I been writing Lovecraft rip-off games and fiction for ten years. And anybody who knows Shoggoths from Shinola knows Yog-SoTHOTH only has one damn 'G'.

Just like "Smelly Little Geek".

And what up with Cthulhu being Yog-Sothoth's dad? And not having a body? Hello? Tentacles? "A mountain walked or stumbled"?

(See, you can tell I'm street because I said "I been writing" and "what up". On the street we got no time for contractions.)

From Me:

Where else besides "horror books" is there Cthulhu stuff? Jerry Springer?

From Rachel Ivey, Shane’s Boss:

Yeah, I think I saw that program. Wasn't it "Cthulhu Is My Baby's Daddy and Won't Cough Up the Child Support", or was it "Yog-Sothoth Is a No-Good, Lying, Cheating Scoundrel"? I loved the part where Cthulhu got up in the lady's face, shook his tentacles, and started cussing up a blue streak.

From Peggy Hailey, Book Editor:

"u r confused. i will tell u of true cthuhlu"

Who knew Prince was a cthulhu fan?

From Shane again:

Sure. Don't you remember his signature, "I Would Ululate Monstrously Under a Gibbous Moon 4 U"?

RevolutionSF News Editor Joe Crowe would like to leave you with this thought for the week: "he is not to hurt us. or help us. he is indifrent."

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