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Subspace: Monkey Blood for You
Hosted by Joe Crowe

First I'm a-gonna respond to a response printed in Peggy's Subspace last Friday.

Subject: Monkeys vs. Dinosaurs

Joe... good lord man, have you renounced your claim to fandom? Monkey vs. dinosaurs movies indeed exist, to wit: KING KONG VS. GODZILLA !!!! (megatonnage@hotmail.com)

Oh, I know all about King Kong vs. Godzilla. At age 11, I stayed up till 2:30 in the morning to watch it.  But I think everyone can agree, that was ONE monkey vs. ONE dinosaur. My argument was that groups of those species had never fought each other.

Imagine the greatness if the amount of protagonists were multiplied. Imagine a movie where hordes of both ape and dino meet each other in battle, to spill their monkey blood and dinosaur guts, all for our greater good.

It's good to have a dream.

Subject: ahh, Subspace

I feel right at home. ahsturgis@mindspring.com- It's Krycek. No "h." Not even a silent one! Back to the Drab Room, I say (speaking of which, where *is* the Drab Room?) Ah, for the days of entertaining X-Files episodes. But now my obsession is gone, replaced by a much stronger one for Babylon 5, the manifestation of which is only mitigated by the complete lack of merchandise, intelligent newsgroup posters, or even a cable subscription. But I have seen all five seasons, and it was good. Runewitch- Yeeeeesss. Transmetropolitan is *good*. I'll skip the raving this time. I did it in the message board. So Kenn is Spider Jerusalem? My condolences. Oh, and I heard somewhere (probably not reliable) that Patrick Stewart wants to play him if they do a movie. He seems kind of... old and wrong for the part. What about the guy who plays Galen in Crusade? He's got sort of a Spider look about him, provided he can do a) very snarky and b) a different accent. (j00j@suddendeathovertime.com)

That poor guy in Crusade does need the work.

So now Spider Jerusalem is the Bald Comics Character That Only Bald Actors Can Play? That is HAIRIST, and I will have none of it.

Where is the Drab Room, you ask? Why, it's right here. Mwah ha haaaaa...

Subject: The comics code

Kenn, you're totally right about the Comics Code. Most parents probably don't know much about it. I think some newsstands/bookstores won't sell a comic without the stamp, though.

Another thing you forgot to mention. The Code included a regulation which seems to have been designed to run a certain company out of business. I don't remember the exact wording, but titles that included the word "terror" or "horror" would not receive the stamp of approval. This was a big setback for EC, the publishers of horror comics, such as The Vault of Horror and The Haunt of Terror. I think the writers of the code were jealous of EC's high sales. (mntlward@earthlink.net)

I'd have to agree. Luckily, the Comics Code's restrictions led to the influx of such kiddie-approved titles as Richie Rich and Casper the Friendly Ghost. If the Code had not been around, Richie Rich would have starred in Vault of Greed, where his butler Cadbury locks him in his vault of money, but there's nothing to spend it on inside the vault... so Richie is trapped there, and goes utterly mad. Mad, I tell you!

And Casper? Well, the idea of a a dead child's spectre trying to "make friends" with living creatures was pretty damned scary already.

Subject: Spider Jerusalem

Hot damn! I went to the comic book store on Satuday (about 40 minutes before my starter died and I was left stranded at a department store) and bought books 1 and 3 of Transmetropolitan, along with the latest two issues.

In other words, I'm catching up. What a great comic. I've taken to trying to convince my male friends to get full body tattoos to match Jerusalem's, but none of them seem too keen on the idea ("POTI? What is POTI? Maybe it says POT!"), which is sad. Preferably, I'll find someone who wants to have a different sort of costume for a Halloween party, and cover them with acrylic paints or some comparable, but non-smearing, medium and stick 'em in a pair of custom shades, some comfy black pants and a black jacket.

Can we say s-weet? I think we can.

Unfortunately, I have a hard enough time getting people in this town to attend Rocky Horror, much less go bald, shave and get painted from head to toe. *sighs* God bless Cincinnati.

So now I'll look over the issues I've already picked up, mourn the coming end to the comic, and anticipate my next paycheck so I can go buy more. (runewitch@hotmail.com)

I have searched my whole life for something, anything "comparable but non-smearing."

Subject: mainly Spider Jerusalem

Claudia Black is GORGEOUS, and anyone who thinks differently probably thinks Dubya is reaaaal cute. [See bottom of today's Subspace. Now back to letter. - Joe] On a completely different subject altogether: is anyone else really unhappy about rumors that Patrick Stewart will be playing Spider Jerusalem in the (hopefully upcoming) Transmetropolitan movie? I know he's been doin' the voice for Spider, but really guys--just cuz dear ole Patrick is bald and involved in sci-fi does NOT mean he should play Spider. Spider is a skinny, mean, kick-ass punk. If ANY well-known actor gets the part of Spider, it should be Samuel L.Jackson. He's a comic lover, was fun in Unbreakable, and can (obviously enough) kick LOTS of ass. (wren4742@hotmail.com)

Thank you, Wren, for bringing a note of hair-equality to Subspace.

Subject: From Hell review

Hi folks,

I have 2 beefs about the From Hell review which I've been encouraged to share with you by big geeky husband. First, all that drivel about structure is great... if you are a writer. Since Mr. Roberson is actually a writer, he can be forgiven.

I'm a reader rather than a writer, so it didn't make much sense to me. Sorry. Now here's the bigger gripe: Roberson essentially says that From Hell is the comic equivalent to Citizen Kane, and now that From Hell exists, comics will finally be taken seriously. Excuse me, what was Maus?

I'm glad Mr. Roberson enjoyed From Hell, and hope that the forthcoming movie lives up to the book. But can we please get over the idea that one funny book will change the way that the general public regards comics? Comics, like sci-fi, mysteries, and all other genre fiction, enjoy a particular reading audience which is frequently scorned by those who don't partake. Same holds true for any other type of entertainment whether it be Brit comedies or monster movies, Western novels or Star Trek on tv. Will comics ever be inducted into mainstream consciousness? Yes, eventually. It has been a slow, painful process which ain't over yet. You can actually buy From Hell, Maus, and lots of other 'graphic novels' at your corner bookstore. If fanboys will quit bitching about being disrespected and would bathe now and then, the process might just speed up a tad. (Not to suggest that Mr. Roberson doesn't bathe. When I met him, he was polite and well groomed. I'm talking about the boys who you avoid at conventions because they spent the night in the movie rooms stinking 'em up so that the rest of us fear to set foot therein.)

Thanks for lettin' me sound off. The site is pretty, and keeps my husband off the streets. I look forward to more reviews by Mr. Roberson and the revolutionsf crew. Good work, and Good luck! - B.W.K. Elf  (b_wh10@yahoo.com)

I agree with your point about being "disrespected." That comes from the inability of some to own up to their own interests and beliefs, to stand up proudly and admit "I AM CANADIAN!" Um, I mean "I AM A FAN OF SOME GENRE THAT THE GENERAL PUBLIC ISN'T."

Do fans of "mainstream" stuff like The Practice and Regis and the Today Show have problems like this? "Damn it, when will people see that Dylan McDermott is a filkin' GENIUS?"

Here at RevolutionSF, we remind everyone, please: don't wear black t-shirts in the summer. They're just not good for anybody.

And before I go, a little something from Imadharmabum re: Claudia Black.

Salutos, my darlings!

Subject: Defense


Joe Crowe is Humor Editor and News Editor for RevolutionSF.

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