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Robo Deer : The Future of Wildlife Conservation Law Enforcement
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
December 24, 2002

Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is having great success with Robo Deer. It's helping them capture poachers and hunters who illegally shoot deer.

Robo Deer can turn its head and twitch its tail. I presume it can also march on its hind legs and say to hunters, "Come quietly, or there will be . . . trouble."

It's not a sport, in my opinion, if both sides can't play. It looks to me like deer hunting is finally taking steps in that direction.

Several hunters have been confused by the seemingly easy target.

One leaped out of his truck with a knife and tackled Robo Deer. The head rolled off. The hunter wasn't arrested, because it's not illegal to tackle a deer.

Which is good to know.

Another man crawled on his belly through a ditch filled with water, to within 20 feet of Robo Deer. He then opened fire with a gun and "plinks away" at Robo Deer.

Robo Deer shrugged off the bullets.

The commission says that hunters won't admit they got fooled by the decoy. The sure cure to that: a beaten ass, courtesy of a robot deer.

RevolutionSF News Editor Joe Crowe thanks you for your cooperation. Good night.

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