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Emmy Awards 2002: Buffy Screwed
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
July 18, 2002

Has it just been a year since the Emmys last screwed sci-fi? The awards were handed out several months late, but this year's nominations came in just now. And once again, we search for spare change in the big, uncomfortable couch that is television.

The big news? Buffy: screwed. Many, even non-genre reporters, were handicapping Buffy as a favorite to be among major nominees, mainly for the musical episode. Then there was a little "snafu" by Emmy that left Buffy off a big pull list of nominees that were sent to voters. Ha ha! Isn't that hilarious? Emmy corrected the filk-up by sending an insert later that told Emmy voters about Buffy.

No one reads the editor's notes in newspapers where they correct things. Why would anybody pay any mind to that insert? Obviously, they didn't.

But Buffy got nominations, all right, in 4 sweet categories. The musical episode was indeed nominated—for music direction. And that's all. Buffy's other 3: Hairstyling, and in a sweep, Makeup (Prosthetic) AND Makeup (Non-Prosthetic).

Alias and 24 were the only even marginally genre-ish shows nominated for major awards. Both shows are in their first seasons. The Shield and Six Feet Under were also nominated for stuff. All four are highly addictive and good—and new, which shows that Emmy isn't only watching 10 year old shows, as they usually do.

Just as X-Files and Xena received their last Emmy nominations (both in music composition for a series (dramatic underscore), so did Enterprise and Smallville start their long march down to Emmy mediocrity. Enterprise got 5 nominees (yep—more than Buffy), including 2 in visual effects. Smallville got one for Sound Editing.

Buffy got a big, swift kick in the junk in the Outstanding Music and Lyrics category: Songs in episodes of Family Guy, Fairly Oddparents, and Judging Amy got in. So did a Simpsons episode, but I'll let that one slide. But not Buffy.

Simpsons, Futurama, South Park, and King of the Hill all got nominations—for best animated program. Samurai Jack and Justice League got nominations—Jack for 1-hour animated program, and Justice League for main title theme. (League is up against the canceled Wolf Lake, making a one-time Emmy appearance.)

Dinotopia and Mists of Avalon got nominated for outstanding miniseries, and a bunch of other art direction and such nominations. Joan Allen and Anjelica Huston got supporting actor nominations—imagine, a sci-fi show getting acting nominations—for Avalon.

Drama supporting actor features FOUR nominations for West Wing alone, and drama supporting actress gave 3 slots to West Wing. OK, we get it!

Alias, Shield, and 24 got drama writing nominations. The Shield and 24 got drama directing nominations, and The West Wing got TWO. Two for West Wing. None for Joss Whedon.

So basically, the Emmys finally watched new shows—they just skipped over the middle-aged ones. Chances are bleak that any of the nominated shows will actually win. So what are we gonna do? Cry about it? Well, maybe. But after that, just keep on watching the good stuff. And the not as good stuff, too. Why not? Mutant X has just about the same chance as Buffy of winning an Emmy at this point.

Do the Emmy voters even watch TV at all? Come on—those voters don't watch Six Feet Under. I mean, Ewwww! It's got dead bodies!

RevolutionSF News Editor Joe Crowe watches Smallville because that show edits sound like a son of a bitch.

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