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Six Degrees of The Flash to Footloose
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe, July 18, 2002

Many brave attempts this week, but only ONE. ONE, I say—used the fact that The Flash is a character on the Justice League series. It didn't get him very far, but valiant was the try! Three fewer trips around The Wheel of Pain for him.

Four Degrees:

Michael Rosenbaum (the voice of Flash on "Justice League") had a small role in "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", which featured Jude Law. Jude
Law is in "Road to Perdition" with Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks was in "Apollo 13" with Kevin Bacon, who starred in "Footloose". (findlayboy@yahoo.com)

Three Degrees:
Richard Belzer starred in The Flash tv. series. Belzer had a small part in Species II with Michael Madsen. Madsen was in Reservoir Dogs with Chris
Penn. Penn starred in Footloose. (theshape79@cox.net)

Amanda Pays was in the TV series "The Flash". She was also in Leviathan with Peter Weller. Weller was in Buckaroo Banzai with John Lithgow, who
was in Footloose. (lyndisty@aol.com)

Many of you achieved 2 degrees this week. Perhaps you are all getting too comfortable. Guards—release the hell-hounds!

Two Degrees:
Mark Hamill played The Trickster in two episodes of "The Flash" TV series, and appeared as himself opposite John Lithgow on "Third Rock From The Son".
Lithgow was in Footloose. (crow_steve@hotmail.com)

M. Emmet Walsh (who was in the 1990 TV version of The Flash) was in Harry and the Hendersons with John Lithgow (who was in Footloose). (splifford@hotmail.com)

Mark Hamill, who played The Trickster on the Flash TV series, guest starred with John Lithgow in episode 2.23 of Third Rock from the Sun. Lithgow also
played the Reverend Shaw Moore in Footloose. (rocketgirl85@yahoo.com)

Priscilla Pointer (man, I love that name!) was in The Flash, and was also in The Falcon and The Snowman. So was Lori Singer, who starred in Footloose
that very same year. (ciaran_conliffe@hotmail.com)

Billy Mumy, who was in the Good Night Central City episode of The Flash tv series, played Tim in segment 3 of Twilight Zone the Movie. John Lithgow
played John Valentine in segment 4 of TWTM and Rev. Shaw Moore in Footloose. Thus proving once more to one and all I have no life.

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