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Subspace: FRO?
Hosted by Kevin Pezzano

Hi, everybody! I lost a bet with Shane (damn you, Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda!), so here I am with the latest installment of Subspace.

Subject: Hello Hello

...Is that an A.I. reference I see at the top of last subspace, Joe? Or did you accidently steal Jiggilo Joe's catch phrase? Anywhooo, Only a few days left till da icon!!! Complete and utter Joy! Voltaire and Pippins! WHEEE HOO!!! And the New episodes of Zim are just splendid! Hey, And speaking of New episodes, Did anyone catch the new episode of the X Files, Scary Monsters? Who else realized it was a complete ripoff
of a twilight Zone episode? This makes me relatively Unhappy. Yes it do.Now I have nothing else to say. Oh, Other than they you wrote a love letter to Spooty: That made no sense. I bet she likes it. THE END.
~FRO!~ (Simba209@yahoo.com)

You mean X-Files HASN'T been ripping off Twilight Zone all this time?
And FRO to you too.

Subject: Help!

Can anyone please tell me the Futurama episode that has Bender being a pimp, until he finds out it's against the law? He won't be able to "upside yo head!" anymore. If you have the info, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks (bstorm@san.rr.com)

Isn't that, like, ALL of them?

Subject: The Neighbor of the Beast


665 would be across the street from the Beast. 664 or 668 would be next door.

Although, according to Marvel TeeVee, the Beast lives at Greymalkin Lane, Westchester NY

One Foxes' opine (sylverfoxy@hotmail.com)

Maybe the Beast lives in an apartment. Or a cheap motel.

Subject: Gokudo Review by Kevin P

I just read your review of gokudo volume 1.
It was insightful, fair, and studious. I particularly like the comment about the dub voices being better than the original Japanese. I think you are CRAZY, but I appreciate it.
YOUR new fan,
Daniel K. Harrison (the voice of Gokudo)

Woah. You're welcome, and thank YOU!

I am indeed crazy, but I still say you did a fantastic job as Gokudo.

Subject: Just cuz i don't remember, doesn't mean itwasnt me

Drobviousso@excite.com allegedly wrote


Hey there Jason Myers,

How could you possibly let Goyer go without committing to do a Sandman movie. I am not sure that I can respect you as a journalist now!!!!! (drobviousso@excite.com)"

I seriously don't remember writing this. After carefull pondering, i came to this conclusion : "i don't think i posted this". I think i came to this conclusion when i realized i wasn't a big sandman fan. (i just haven't read most of it, not cuz i don't like it).

I think someone in my little selfimportant world thinks "wow, Drobvioiusso is so cool, he gets posted all the time, i never could get posted cuz i'm a loosser. I think i'll put in a post under his name, and everyone will think i'm cool cuz its such a good post." Either that or a computer glich. Whatever.

In other Drobviousso news, ACM (association of computer macheners, or something) went on a tour of a local company called "Modern Glass" or some such, basicly the worlds largest supplier of engraved and decaled
mugs and glass. They are over hauling their infarstructure, and gave an overview of the requirments phase. I know. its exciting, but theirs more. As i said, they are the worlds largest supplier of novelty cups. I saw in their conference room, these are those guys that made those burger king LOTR Light up cups. While touring their facilities, i caught a glimps of upcomming AOTC wine glasses and beer steins.

I know. now you get yourself plastered to forget how bad this movie is (or celebrate how great it is, but i'm not holding my breath) WITH AN AOTC WINE GLASS OR BEER STEIN. Brilliant.

So here's to you Modern Glass, our SciFi Friends in the Mug and Glass industry! (drobviousso@excite.com)

All right, I confess! It was me! I sent that letter in! I just wanted some attention! Is that so wrong?

Do the mugs light up? They gotta light up, or I'm not interested.

Subject: Canada Makes Formal UN Apology For Lexx

We don't owe you ANYTHING!! (wolvie110@hotmail.com)

Personally, I blame Quebec.

Subject: Gender bender?

Say, is Kenn McCracken male or female? (Quisp@Quakepuffs.net)

Due to a horrible accident involving a guitar, pork rinds, lots of orange Faygo, and nearsighted plastic surgeon, Kenn is actually both.

Kevin Pezzano is anime editor for RevolutionSF.

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