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Andromeda Might Stink Less With Bruce Campbell
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe

That's all subjective, presupposing that you think it stinks now.

How's that for not giving any editorial opinion whatsoever?

RevolutionSF cub reporter Dharma Bum wrote that Bruce Campbell is going to be on the syndicated sci-fi show Andromeda! The news came from Starlog magazine.

"How big his role is has yet to be seen, but on behalf of Bruce enthusiasts everywhere who can't wait for his Elvis movie to come out, YEEEEEESSS, YESSSS, OH GOD, YEEESSS.

"I'm gonna get my Bruce fix.

"There's going to be a bunch of series changes to make the series rock as much as it should have to begin with. There's going to be a new more episodic Trek-like storyline. Dylan's commonwealth is going to be established pretty soon.

So instead of wandering around space fighting people in malformed ape suits without any real direction a la Voyager, The Sorbo shall be pimping the galaxy Kirk style, keeping his planet bitches in line and sticking it to them Nietzchean suckas like a dog at a bitch show.

He'll be all, 'Oh, I know you didn't just go and break my peace treaty. I say I know you didn't just go and break my peace treaty. Oh, I know you did! It's on, cracker!' KAPOW!

"There's also going to be a bunch of character changes aimed at making the dialogue between non-redshirts "more like Star Trek: TOS or Farscape and less like a Lucas Arts adventure game from the early 90s."

RevolutionSF News Editor Joe Crowe and cub reporter Dharma Bum both miss the purple tail. And they're not talking about the character on the show who used to have one.

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