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Sci-Fi Movie Preview: August 27, 1999
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© Joe Crowe

All this and only $27.00 for a small popcorn! Sci-fi movies coming out Aug. 27, 1999: The Astronaut's Wife: Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron. The lovely and female Ms. Theron plays an astronaut's wife. Hence the title. Something happens to her husband in space, and bad stuff happens after he returns, they do stuff, and she gets pregnant.

The 13th Warrior: Michael Crichton, the Jurassic Park guy, wrote a book called Eaters of the Dead, but somebody didn't like the thought of Antonio Banderas eating the dead. So they changed the name of the movie.

It's the Dark Ages and Antonio isn't a warrior, but he has to become one to help a band of bad Viking mofos fight a bunch of monsters. And eat the dead ones.

Dudley Do-Right: Must Brendan Fraser be in EVERY Jay Ward cartoon adaptation?

He should play Natash instead of Rene Russo in Rocky and Bullwinkle. First the Disney-fied George of the Jungle, now this.

The Dudley cartoon was funny, but I refrain from speculating whether this will be.

The Muse: Albert Brooks, Sharon Stone, Andie MacDowell. Brooks plays a washed-up screenwriter who gets help from one of Zeus' daughters to restore his creativity.

I know the sci-fi/fantasy connection here is tenuous, but writing about Sharon Stone is restoring my creativity right now.

RevolutionSF news editor Joe Crowe watches out for that tree.

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